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Why should I join TRiO SSS?

We provide outstanding individualized support with many great services that are FREE OF CHARGE for students in our program-- priority registration for SSS students, scholarships available to SSS students, personal counseling available upon request,  trips to four year transfer institutions and cultural enrichment trips, among many others. By utilizing our services and resources, you will be more likely to achieve your educational goals.

“My TRiO advisor helped me so much in so many ways.  When I was applying to Western for the Special Education program, I had so many questions and concerns.  [My advisor] found answers for me, helped me prepare for the interview process and was nearly as excited as I was when I got in.  I wish I could take her with me to Western.”

                          -Bethany, Fall ’11 Grad


 “[TRiO has] helped me with planning and getting all the things ready that I needed for transferring.  Also, they have answered many of my questions and made me feel comfortable picking my classes each semester.”      

                           -Kristin, Fall ’12 Grad

What is the process for being accepted as a TRiO SSS student?


After you turn in your completed TRiO SSS application, you will be notified via letter of your eligibility for the program. This letter will include information about attending a required TRiO Essentials orientation. After attending the TRiO Essentials Orientation you will be matched with a TRiO SSS Advisor.

What is "TRiO Essentials?"

TRiO Essentials is a mandatory orientation that must be attended to be able to begin receiving services from the TRiO SSS Program. It involves very important information about TRiO SSS including an overview of TRiO SSS is, how it is funded and what TRiO SSS can help our students with while they are in the program. During TRiO Essentials you will also learn about navigating college, career planning, online workshops, and SO much more!

What will I be required to do?

Once you’ve applied to the program, you will be required to attend a two hour session of TRiO Essentials, which is a mandatory orientation to the TRiO Program. You will also be required to schedule and attend appointments with SSS staff throughout each semester that you attend Glen Oaks as a TRiO SSS student.

If I apply and am accepted, do I have to re-apply each semester?

No, if you apply to TRiO SSS and have been accepted, there is usually no need to
re-apply. However, if you are not active in the TRiO SSS program for a full academic year, then you may be required to re-apply and your re-admission will be determined by the TRiO SSS Director .


How much time does it take to participate in the TRiO SSS program?

This is up to you—it can take as little as two (2) face-to-face contact hours per semester or several hours each week. You decide which services to utilize and how involved you want to be.

How many times do I need to meet with my assigned TRiO SSS staff member?

SSS participants must have at least five contacts per year with Program Staff. (Two face-to-face contacts per semester). A minimum of two of those contacts must be in-office appointments, usually for academic advising and course registration.

If my assigned TRiO SSS staff member is not available, to whom do I turn for assistance?

If you have an immediate issue that needs to be addressed, please see any SSS staff member for assistance, as we are happy to assist all SSS students.

Does it cost money to join TRiO SSS?

No—everything in the program is FREE to SSS members!

How many people are in the TRiO SSS program and what are they like?

Each year, the TRiO SSS program serves 140 Glen Oaks students. They are all ages and from all walks of life. Most of the students work part-time, some full-time, and many are heads of households that include dependent children. When it comes to academic achievement, our students earn a wide range of grades from 4.0’s each semester to others struggling to pass their classes.  Basically, the TRiO SSS students are JUST LIKE YOU, so stop in a grab an application today!

Do I have to attend all the workshops?

No, workshops are not mandatory. However they do provide helpful information and skills that can be utilized throughout your college career and beyond. Attending at least one workshop a semester can help you to be eligible for our TRiO SSS Scholars Award Scholarship.

Am I eligible for a TRiO SSS scholarship?

In order to be eligible for an SSS scholarship, students must be active in the program each semester as evidenced by at least one (1) in-office scheduled meetings with Program Staff and participation in at least one (1) SSS-approved workshop, maintain a 2.0 GPA,  must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at GOCC, and be registered for the Scholarship semester. Additional requirements for eligibility may apply.  Click here to review the TRiO Scholars Award application.

Since TRiO SSS is a federally funded program, does that affect my financial aid?

No, being a member of TRiO SSS does not affect your Financial Aid.


Contact the TRiO Student Support Services Program

Phone: (269) 294-4324
Located in Student Services

Funded by the US Department of Education

TRiO Student Support Services is federally funded at 83% by the U.S. Dept. of Education in the amount of $212,888 and 17% funded by Glen Oaks Community College for the 2013-2014 year.