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COM 063


South Park: Miss Teacher...


South Park: Fun With Veal


South Park: Bebe's...


Ted Nugent 2nd Ammendment Interview


The Bloodhound Gang: The Bad Touch


 Jib Jab: What We Call The News


South Park: Bloody Mary 


Intelligence Clip



COM 073



Music Videos


George Jones: 50,000 Names


Joe Diffie: Ships That Don't Come in


Tupac: Changes


Metallica: One


Billy Ray Cyrus: Some Gave All


Scott Miller: The Rain


Chris Ledoux: This Cowboy's Hat


Nickleback: Never Again


Aaron Tippin: You've Got to Stand for Something 


Tupac: Keep Ya Head Up


Doug Stone: I'd Be Better Off in a Pine Box


Anthrax: Got the Time


Too Short: Life is Too Short


Clint Black: Killin Time


Billy Ray Cyrus: Trail of Tears


Rebel Meets Rebel: Cherokee Cry (song)


Iron Maiden: Run to the Hills


N.W.A.: Straight Outta Compton


Weird Al: White and Nerdy


Tom Russell: Who's Gonna Build Your Wall


Weird Al: Amish Paradise


Hank Williams Jr.: The American Way (song)


Pirates of the Mississippi: Feed Jake


Mark Wills: Don't Laugh at Me


Too Short: The Ghetto


Steve Lee: I Like Guns




Shows/Video Clips


The Twilight Zone: I Shot an Arrow Into the Air


David Goes To Dentist


It's Always Sunny...: The Nightman Cometh


Support our Troops Commercial


The Pills I Need


Jib Jab: Big Box Mart


South Park: D-Yikes