Model of Devier Suites.

A New Day at GOCC

by Dr. David Devier, Glen Oaks president

This August 26th, a new day begins at Glen Oaks Community College. We will move our first class of students into our new housing facility – Devier Student Suites. This monumental activity means that life will never be the same on campus going forward. Never again will we all go home on a Friday/Saturday afternoon and forget about the operations. Now students will be on campus 24/7.

This change has been two years in the making. When the idea of building a housing facility on campus was first introduced most said it will never happen – we hammered this all out before and decided it would not work. Much to the credit of the GOCC Board of Trustees, they said, “Let’s look again.” As the visioning process unfolded, it became clear that there is a real need for student housing here because there is very limited housing in the region. In addition, if the college would offer housing, special ‘niche’ programs may be developed that will also attract students from across Michigan, northern Indiana and beyond.

Also the new facility will help create a stronger experience and learning environment. This will dramatically raise the campus engagement for students which will support their learning and as a result, will increase student success. The faculty and staff will also gain satisfaction from working with on-campus students who have fewer distractions than commuter students. These opportunities will energize the total campus year round. “What a wonderful new day.”

I am pleased to invite you to the Dedication and Grand Opening of the Devier Student Suites on August 25 at 4 p.m. We will hear from those who played a role in the project as well as our federal and state officials associated with the USDA Rural Development Agency who provided the low interest loan to build the project. All guests will be invited to tour the facility on this afternoon before the students move in on Saturday, August 26th. All are welcome and will no doubt enjoy the excitement of the ‘New Day.’ I hope to see you on the 25th!