Outstanding Service Award Information

Award Intent

The purpose of the Glen Oaks Community College (GOCC) Outstanding Service Award is to recognize employees of GOCC for their outstanding performance and contributions to the College.


All full-time and permanent part-time administrators and support staff who have been employed by GOCC for at least one full year are eligible to be nominated for the GOCC Outstanding Service Award. A maximum of one award will be given in any year.

Selection Criteria

Excellence – committed to the highest standards in our working environment and strives for distinction in all aspects of their work.
Diversity – creates an inclusive working environment that recognizes the value and dignity of each person.
Responsiveness – anticipates and addresses the needs of students, colleagues, and community.
Innovation – seeks creative solutions to problems.
Accountability – responsibility to complete the tasks they are assigned and to perfom1 the duties required by their job in order to fulfill or further the goals of the organization.
Sustainability – uses resources in responsible ways.
Respect – treats others with courtesy, consideration and civility.
Integrity – committed to GOCC values and takes personal responsibility for their words and actions.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations for the GOCC Outstanding Service Award will be accepted beginning in February and ending in March (specific dates to be determined each year).
  • Any current GOCC employee may place the name of any current full-time and permanent part-time GOCC administrative or support staff member who has been employed for at least one full year at the time of nomination into nomination.
  • The nominator must not tell the nominee they are being nominated. This is to be kept confidential from the nominee.
  • The nominee must be an employee in good standing.
  • The nominator must obtain 4 signatures: with at least 2 from within the department (if possible) and 2 outside of the nominee’s department. (Endorsers may sign only two nomination forms per academic year.)
  • The nominator will write a narrative on the official nomination fom1 describing how the nominee exemplifies the GOCC Values, speaking to the nominee’s impact across the college (not just in his/her own area).
  • Completed nomination forms must be submitted to the President.
  • Once the nomination period has closed, nominees will be notified by the Award Selection Committee of their nomination. Nominees, at that point in time, will be given the opportunity to decline consideration for the award.

Selection Process

  1. Recommendations for the GOCC Outstanding Service Award will be made by an Award Selection Committee, consisting of six (6) persons. One member will be the President, who will act as an Ex-Officio member, and another member will be one employee from the Human Resources Department. All other members will be from the Mid-Level and Support Staff groups; equally represented. The members of the Award Selection Committee will be appointed on an annual basis by the President after the nomination period has ended.
  2. It shall not be considered compulsory that a GOCC Outstanding Service Award be made annually. The Award Selection Committee will be expected to take special precautions to guard against dilutions of the honor by feeling compelled to make a recommendation when no outstanding candidates are identified.
  3. A nominee who has not received the award may be credited with achievements on any or all of the above criteria for any or all of the nominee’s prior service to the College as an administrator or support staff member. A nominee who has previously received this award may not be credited for achievements prior to the time of the nominee’s last award.
  4. The nominee of the Award Selection Committee will be forwarded by mid-April (specific date to be determined each year) to the President. Formal announcement of the distinction will be made at graduation.
  5. The GOCC Outstanding Service Award recipient will receive an award of $1,000.
  6. The monetary sum for the recipient of the GOCC Outstanding Service Award will be in the spirit of an honorarium and will be paid as a one-time stipend through payroll on the second pay in May; subject to applicable withholdings.It is assumed that all administrators and support staff shall be equally considered for the GOCC Outstanding Service Award regardless of work assignment.