College Council Membership


Leadership Council

Dr. David Devier: College President (Permanent Council Member)
Dr. Patricia Morgenstern: Dean of Academics & Extended Learning/AQIP Liaison (Permanent Council Member)
Bruce Zakrzewski: Dean of Finance (Permanent Council Member)
Paul Aivars: Director of Business Services (2019)



Dr. Irene Elksnis-Geisler: Assistant Dean of Assessment & Academic Services (Permanent Council Member)
Eric Connelly: Website Administrator (2019)
Ben Fries: Student Success Advisor (2019)
Jamie Raifsnider: TRIO – SSS Project Advisor (2020)



Chad Worthington: Psychology (2019)
Rebecca Burch: Developmental/Social Science (2018)
Sarah Simmons: Chemistry (2020)


GOSSE (Glen Oaks Support Staff Employees)

Judy Fetch: Library Technician (2019)
Tina Guijosa: Tutoring & Testing Staff Technician (2018)


College Council Officers

Dr. Tammy Russell: Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research & Title III Programs (Permanent Council Member)/College Council Facilitator (2019)
Amy Young: Registrar/College Council Recorder (2019)