Glen Oaks Proposed Millage

Transform our campus to enhance the learning experience and enrich our community.




  • Keep college affordable by expanding programs that allow high school students to earn college credits
  • Strengthen workforce training and support local business and industry
  • Strengthen on-campus safety and security
  • Improve handicapped accessibility
  • Save taxpayer dollars by improving energy efficiency
  • Reduce costly emergency repairs
  • Extend the useful life of existing facilities through infrastructure improvements
  • Attract quality employers and well-paying jobs to St. Joseph County
  • Update classrooms and laboratories to support instructional technology upgrades, promote collaboration and better prepare students for the workforce
  • Enhance more than 35 associate and certificate degree programs


What will it take to complete the work?

Learning Commons $1,000,000
Technology Labs $1,100,000
Nora Hagen Theatre $150,000
Art Studio $250,000
Window Replacement $450,000
Exterior Wall Insulation $700,000
Exterior Panel Joints $150,000
Classroom Upgrades $400,000
ADA Compliance $250,000
Informational Technology Systems $500,000
Campus Roads, Parking Lots, & Landscaping $900,000
Exterior Door Upgrades $350,000
New Maintenance Facility $750,000



Increased skilled employees for local industries including:
  • American Axle & Manufacturing Inc.
  • Morgan Olson, LLC
  • Armstrong International
  • Sturgis Molded Products
  • Vanpell Midwest Molding
  • International Paper
  • Burr Oak Tool Inc.
  • Peterson Spring
  • W.F. Wells Inc.
  • Viking Recreational Vehicles
  • Cargo King Manufacturing Inc.
  • Forrest River Inc.
  • Greenmark Equipment
  • Burnips Equipment Co.

  • Modernization of the 1969 instructional facility
  • Contemporary technology laboratories for critically needed worker training
  • Vastly improved campus safety and security
  • Significant energy savings
  • ADA Compliance
  • Fully functional performance theatre
  • Greatly improved campus infrastructure, roads, parking lots, lighting, and landscaping

2018 – 2020 2020 – 2022
Concourse Renovation Nora Hagen Theatre
Learning Commons Art Studio/Classroom
Exterior Doors/Security Exterior Wall Insulation
Window Replacement Panel Wall Repairs
Technology Labs Campus Upgrade/Repairs
IT Upgrade New Maintenance Facility

The proceeds of the proposed millage would address the following improvements:Information icon