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Jobs: Director of Nursing


Director of Nursing

Job Type



The Director of Nursing is responsible for the LPN, RN, and CNA programs


POSITION: Director of Nursing

DIRECTLY REPORTS TO: Dean of Academics and Extended Learning

SUPERVISES: Nursing Faculty, Executive Assistant to the Director of Nursing, and Occupational Admissions Clerk



The Director of Nursing is responsible for the LPN, RN, and CNA programs



1. Act as liaison between Michigan Board of Nursing and Glen Oaks Community College.

2. Prepare agendas and meet with Health Advisory Committee for the nursing program.

3. Coordinate activities between Glen Oaks Community College and affiliating institutions (such as development and renewal of annual agreements, clinical site evaluation reports, and notification of planned utilization).

4. Act as liaison for advanced degree completion programs and participate in Michigan Council of Nursing Education Administrators (MCNEA) meetings and other nursing education meetings as appropriate.

5. Evaluate need and initiate new programs that are deemed to be appropriate to the mission of the College.

6. Provide cost containment analysis practices for nursing programs.



Assume responsibility for the planning, supervision, evaluation, publicity, recruitment, admission and graduation for the programs.

a. Recommend the teaching schedules and assignments of nursing faculty.

b. Screen candidates for full-time positions according to College policies.

c. Supervise and evaluate full-time nursing faculty.

d. Select and evaluate part-time faculty.

e. Administer pre-admission exams, and admit student applicants in compliance with Michigan Board of Nursing guidelines.

f. Prepare content for the Nursing Program handbook, college catalog and other informational literature, and revise as necessary.

g. Maintain records of all students and documentation of health requirements for faculty and students.

h. Follow the Nursing Program's "Systematic Plan for Evaluation" approved May 1998 by the Michigan Board of Nursing.

i. Facilitate and resolve conflicts within functional areas.



1. Serve as the administrative leader for the nursing programs.

2. Prepare and submit the area budgets and document the delivery of and payment for purchases.

3. Order and plan for the utilization of National League for Nursing (NLN) testing and maintain ongoing records of results.

4. Assume responsibility for the Friends and Alumni of Nursing (FAN) organization and its annual nursing conference.

5. Prepare documentation for Perkins reports.

6. Lead the department with national accreditation efforts.

7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Dean of Academics and Extended Learning.



  • Program Review Committee
  • College Council
  • Curriculum Committee



1. Registered Nurse with current Michigan licensure.

2. Master's Degree in Nursing, experience in nursing education, nursing practice and administration.

3. Available to work evenings/weekends when required.


To apply, send completed application, along with cover letter, resume, transcripts and three references to Glen Oaks Community College: ATTN: Human Resources, 62249 Shimmel Road, Centreville, MI  49032, or via e-mail:

Deadline: Position open until filled


Glen Oaks Community College is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity, Title IX, Section 504 Employer.




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