Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health Guided Pathway

  1. Register for admission to the college.
  2. Meet Placement Evaluation in basic Reading, Math and English criteria:

    1. Placement into BUS 111 Contemporary Business and Technical Communications or higher or meet Corresponding ACT/SAT scores.
    2. Placement into MATH 100 Introductory Algebra or higher or meet Corresponding ACT/SAT scores.
      If course placement criteria not met, student may enroll in appropriate remedial course/s to bring skill level up to criteria.

  3. Declare interest in completing the Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health; (by filling out application and returning it to the Director of Allied Health/Medical Assisting). Student must complete one of the following Allied Health Certificates for a minimum of 30 credits towards the Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health.

    1. Coding Specialist – Physician Based
    2. Health Care Worker
    3. Medical Administrative Specialist
    4. Medical Assistant
    5. Phlebotomy Technician (Must take additional credit hours to fulfill the 30 credit hour minimum for certificate requirements.)
    6. Practical Nursing (LPN)

  4. Declare specialty area of Business or Clinical or Technology.
  5. Meet with the Director of Allied Health to Interview and plan a Guided Pathway for successful completion of the program.
  6. The Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health Degree may be completed, as outlined below, in three semesters beginning in the fall. However, students may start the program in either the fall or the winter semester.
  7. Suggested Course Rotation: (minimum of a 2.5 GPA required at all times – with no grade lower than a 2.0)


    1. BIO 121 General Biology I (Prerequisite: BIO 120 or one year of high school biology and either MATH 100 concurrently or placement into MATH 104 or equivalent college course)
    2. COM 110 Interpersonal Communications
    3. ACCT 100 Fundamentals of Accounting (if Business Focus) or ALH 103 Nutrition (if Clinical Focus) or CIS 101 Introduction to Computers & Software (if Technical Focus)
    4. BUS 105 Business Mathematical Applications (if Business Focus) or ALH 235 Clinical I (if Clinical Focus)



    1. BIO 210 Anatomy & Physiology I
    2. BUS 111 Contemporary Business & Technical Communication
    3. ACCT 109 Payroll Accounting (if Business Focus) or CIS 227 Concepts of Spreadsheets (if Technical Focus)
    4. BUS 260 Small Business Management (if Business Focus) or CIS 233 Concepts of Word (if Technical Focus)



    1. BIO 211 Anatomy & Physiology II
    2. ALH 260 Advanced EKG Interpretation (if Clinical Focus)

  9. Apply for graduation certificates and/or degrees in the Student Services Department. May also print the form online.