Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration. This program prepares individuals to apply theories and practices of criminal justice to structuring, managing, directing and controlling criminal justice agencies, including police departments, sheriff’s departments, law enforcement divisions and units, and private protective services.

Goals of the program are to provide knowledge and skills necessary for students interested in careers in criminal justice including: Police –State, County and Local Agencies, Criminal Investigator, Corrections Officer, Probation Officer, Parole Officer, Juvenile System, Private Security Officer. Program Level Assessment will include the following:

  • Explore the causes of crime and options for controlling it.
  • Examine fundamental concepts underlying the practice of justice.
  • Document the results of an investigation in an acceptable manner.
  • Analyze the impact of crime on our society.

Evaluate situations and determine sound moral, ethical, and legal implications.


National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) Standardized Test Results (2016):