Students are expected to attend all sessions of each course they’re enrolled in. Failure to do so may result in academic penalty or withdrawal from the class.


Absence for any reason, including illness or late registration, in no way relieves the student of the responsibility of completing all work in the course to the satisfaction of the instructor.

When a student cannot attend class due to illness or other extenuating reasons, the instructor should be notified. This can be done by telephoning Glen Oaks and leaving a message for that instructor.

Regular attendance is encouraged in each course. The following procedure is suggested:

  • Faculty keep records of student’s class attendance.
  • When a student’s absence record equals that of the number of credit hours in a course, the faculty member should request that an attendance letter be sent from the Dean of the College.
  • If, after counseling, there is no change in the student’s attitude, and/or if the individual misses 15% of the class hours in a given course, the instructor may drop the student from the class and assign an appropriate grade.