Career Pathways


Glen Oaks classes are on a 15-week-long semester basis in Fall (late August-December), Winter (January-May), and Spring-Summer (May-August). The College recently added seven and a half week course options for Fall and Winter, and six week course options during the summer. Most classes begin at the start of each semester. Spring/Summer classes begin and end at different dates within the 15-week time frame. The college tries to meet the educational needs of students with varying backgrounds, capabilities, ambitions, and career intentions. Certificates, associate degrees, transfer programs and apprenticeships are available. For students preparing for a specific job, a certificate or an apprenticeship program is usually best. For those looking at a specific occupation or laying the groundwork for further study, an associate degree is needed.

Of interest to high school students:

Glen Oaks Community College is familiar with the Career Pathways program now followed by many school districts. The pathways allow students to begin directing their course structure toward careers at a young age. The following Glen Oaks curriculum tracks the Career Pathways.

Please see our Degrees & Programs webpage or online catalog for more detailed information on these programs and certificates.