Class Exams – Grading – Audit/Repeated Courses


Class Examinations

Examinations in each college credit course are considered part of the total requirements for the course. The college instructors generally administer a mid-semester and an end-of-semester examination. Additional exams may be given by instructors at their discretion. The last week of each semester is considered a part of the semester and, where desired, is reserved for final exams.

Grading System

At the end of each enrollment period, a grade is entered on the student’s permanent record for each class registration. The following numerical grading system is used.

4.0 – Outstanding work clearly at mastery level
3.5 – Much better than average
3.0 – Better than average, exceeds standards
2.5 – Slightly better than average
2.0 – Average, work meets acceptable standards
1.5 – Less than average
1.0 – Poor, barely meets minimum standards
0.0 – Failing, doesn’t meet course standards

GP – Grade pending from instructor
I – Incomplete
IP – In progress, no credit
CR – Credit granted
W – Withdrawal
V – Visitor (audit)
NC – No credit

Incomplete Work

A student may receive an “I” or Incomplete in a course if at least 75% of the course is completed. A grade of “I” may be completed by satisfactorily finishing the course objectives within one semester subsequent to the receipt of the Incomplete. If it is not removed within this period of time, the Incomplete will remain as a permanent entry on the transcript, and the student must register and repeat the course to receive a grade and credit for degree purposes. The student may initiate this process by completing the Student Request for Incomplete Grade form and submitting it to the course instructor. The instructor must complete the gray area and submit it to the Dean of Academic & Extended Learning. After the request has been approved or denied by the instructor, and the Dean of Academic & Extended Learning has signed acknowledgement, the form will be distributed to student, instructor, student file and Dean of Academic & Extended Learning file. The form is available in Student Services.

In-Progress Work

A student enrolled in Academic Foundation courses may receive an In-Progress grade of “IP” if the course requirements as detailed in the course syllabus have not been completed. The student has the next semester (i.e. either fall or winter) to work with an instructor to complete the course requirements. A student will receive no academic credit for an “IP” grade, and it will not affect the grade point average.

Repeated Courses

A course taken at Glen Oaks Community College for which a grade has been recorded may be repeated. The highest grade earned in a repeated course is the grade that will count toward graduation and will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average required for graduation. On the official transcript, the term, course title and course number of the previous attempt(s) will remain as a permanent record. Title IV funding and other government programs may have regulations regarding repeat of courses.

Audit of Courses

A student who desires to attend classes regularly but does not desire to take final examinations or receive grades or credits, may register as an auditor. A student electing this option must register as an auditor at registration and pay all tuition and fees. A record will be kept of the courses audited. A grade of “V” will appear on the student’s grade reports and permanent records.

Credit for such courses cannot be established at a later date. Students once registered in a course for credit cannot change to audit nor can a student registered for audit change to credit after the end of the first 10% of the academic period.

Credit for courses previously audited may be earned by registering for credit and completing the course with a satisfactory grade.