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Distance learning involves the use of one or more educational technologies to overcome barriers of timing and/or location. If a student cannot come to the Glen Oaks Community College campus to attend a traditionally scheduled class, distance learning is an option that offers select courses in a web-based format.
Beginning Fall 2016 all distance learning courses will be delivered using Canvas System Learning Platform. User accounts and classroom links are provided to enrolled students for the duration of the semester. Currently only one of our courses require a DVD player: REL 231 Comparative Religions.
You may also call us at 269-294-4306 or e-mail us at Distance Learning Hours are as follows: Mondays/Thursdays: 8-1:00pm.
Yes. Glen Oaks Community College is one of 28 community colleges in Michigan. Students in any of these colleges may take courses from the other colleges. Courses that originate at other Michigan Community Colleges can often be applied to your Glen Oaks Community College degree or certificate. To view a list of available courses, go to and follow the website instructions for registration.
Students who are highly motivated, self-disciplined and have good time management skills are often very successful learners in distance learning courses. Good reading comprehension and organization are also skills necessary for success. If you have good skills as a self-directed learner, you may be ready to enroll in a distance learning course. If you do not yet have those skills, you may want to develop them before you schedule a distance learning course. The MCO website provides a short online readiness quiz to help determine if distance learning is the right option for individual students.
Students who require flexible learning schedules or who cannot come to campus on a regular basis to attend a traditionally scheduled course may find that distance learning courses meet their needs. In many instances instructors in distance learning courses are able to allow students to participate in the learning process at a time and from a location that meets the student’s requirements. As mentioned previously, distance learning courses also make it possible for students who live in the Glen Oaks Community College service area to take courses from other Michigan community colleges.
After students enroll in a distance learning course, an information letter is emailed to the student’s Vikings email account. This letter contains information on how to access the learning platform, online orientation information, and other information necessary to begin the course. New student orientations are accessed on-line prior to the start date of classes.
If you need technical assistance, please email or call 269.294.4306. If you need your password reset, please call 269.295.4220.

For those needing assistance with their course content, Glen Oaks’ Tutoring & Testing Center offers online tutoring every Monday-Thursday from 10am-2pm. All Distance Learning Students have access to the online tutoring course. Appointments for online tutoring can also be made by contacting the TTC by calling 269.294.4339.
NOTE: All downloadable documents are in Adobe PDF format. See the link at the bottom of our website pages to download this free software.
NOTE: All downloadable documents are in Adobe PDF format. See the link at the bottom of our website pages to download this free software.

Distance Learning Orientation
Distance Learning Orientation are MANDATORY for all new Distance Learning students. A completed Online Distance Learning Orientation is required to remain enrolled in courses. If the student does not complete the orientation before the announced deadline, the student will be dropped from the course. This is a different orientation than the Admissions orientation. Log-in information is sent to the students’ Vikings email accounts.
To access CANVAS accounts:
Use GOZONE username and password to log in.
What Technology Will I Need?
– Students will need regular access to a computer with Internet access.
– Students may use computers located in the Library/Learning Resource Center at Glen Oaks Community College.
  • A Pentium or PowerMac with a 28.8K or faster modem and 16 MB or more of RAM,
  • 150 MB of hard-disk free space (i.e., for downloading a browser if your computer doesn’t have one.).
  • A DVD player is required for the REL 231 Comparative Religions course.
  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers reliable service with a personal e-mail account (Please be aware that some Internet Service Providers do not interface with Angel. Consult the Distance Learning Center, (888)-994-7818 ext. 308 for suggestions in this regard).
  • A browser, Internet Explorer, or Firefox 2.0 or greater, that is able to run Java (including a Java Chat client), version 6.0 of these browsers are better choices.
  • You may need a media player such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime & Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you click on the link, it will take you to their download area. These products are free. Once you have downloaded the software you need, hit your browser’s “Back” button at the top of your browser to return to GOCC.