Health Care Worker Certificate Guided Pathway

  1. Register for admission to the college.
  2. Meet Placement Evaluation in basic Reading, Math and English criteria:

    1. Placement into BUS 111 – Contemporary Business and Technical Communications or higher or meet Corresponding ACT/SAT scores.
    2. Placement in to MATH 100 – Introductory Algebra or higher or meet Corresponding ACT/SAT scores.
      If course placement criteria not met, student may enroll in appropriate remedial course/s to bring skill level up to criteria.

  3. Declare Health Care Worker Certificate interest; (by filling out application and returning it to the Director of Allied Health/Medical Assisting).
  4. Meet with the Director of Allied Health to Interview and plan a Guided Pathway for successful completion of the program.
  5. The Health Care Worker Certificate may be completed, as outlined below, in three semesters beginning in the fall. However, students may start the program in either the fall or the winter semester. A student may choose to take courses over a longer period of time but may not take ALH 285 – Phlebotomy Practicum until all other courses except ALH 104 have been completed. It is strongly encouraged to take ALH 285 – Phlebotomy Practicum the semester immediately following the completion of ALH 230.
  6. Suggested Course Rotation: (minimum of a 2.5 GPA required at all times – with no grade lower than a 2.0)


    1. ALH 100 – Introduction to Health Careers
    2. ALH 218 – Medical Terminology
    3. BUS 101 – College Skills and Portfolio Writing
    4. ALH 250 – Medical Law & Bioethics


    1. BIO 101 – Human Biology
    2. BUS 111 – Contemporary Business & Technical Communication
    3. ALH 222 – Disease Conditions
    4. ALH 230 – Medical Office Lab

    SEMESTER THREE: Student must meets all prior GPA criteria (minimum of 2.5 required for program completion-no grade can be lower than 2.0) Instructor recommendations required for practicum placement.

    1. ALH 104 – Nurse Aide Course
    2. ALH 285 – Phlebotomy Practicum – 100 hours in a hospital laboratory with 100 independent draws. (minimum of 2.5 required for course completion)

  7. Apply for graduation certificates and/or degrees in the Student Services Department. May also print the form online.