Branch County HS Articulation

Branch County ISD

Branch Area Career Center students will be eligible for this program if they have completed a CTE course and their CTE instructor attests that specific competencies have been demonstrated. Students must complete a Glen Oaks Community College application form and give that to the College’s Admission Office. The student must present the certificate(s) signed by their CTE instructor, Branch Area Career Center official and transcript to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar and the appropriate Glen Oaks Community College faculty will then evaluate the certificate(s). The Area Coordinator and Registrar will approve courses for articulation. There is no guarantee that articulated credits will transfer to other colleges or training institutions.


The following areas of articulation courses are in process:


Business / Accounting / Marketing

Computer Information Technologies

Criminal Justice


Medical Technologies


A student must enroll in Glen Oaks Community College within 24 months following high school graduation in order to be eligible for college credit under this agreement. There is no guarantee that the articulated credits will transfer to other colleges or training institutions.


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