Nursing Division

Program Information

For more detailed information, please review the full program description pages below:

LPN to RN Program

Registered Nurse Program

Glen Oaks Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree Program.

The course sequences for the program may be found in the packet material.

Important Program Updates

Thank you for your interest in the Nursing Program at Glen Oaks. All information posted is current but there are a few important updates to the program that we want all students to be aware:


1.Effective January 3rd, 2019: Chemistry is no longer a pre-requisite for entrance into the Nursing Program, and BIO 101 (Human Biology) may be taken concurrently with BIO 210 (Anatomy and Physiology I).

NOTE: Your transcripts from other colleges and high school must be Official. You will be contacted by email stating that your transcripts have arrived at Glen Oaks.

College transcripts MUST be evaluated by the Registration Department. It is your responsibility to contact the Registration Department to have them review your transcripts once you have been notified of their arrival.


Please be sure to check your Viking email (1st Initial, Last Name, last 3 numbers of your Glen Oaks ID# + – i.e. as this is where the notification of your transcript receipt to Glen Oaks will arrive.

Program Accreditation

The Associate of Science in Nursing Degree from Glen Oaks Community College is fully approved by the Michigan Board of NursingPDF icon.

Michigan NCLEX – First Time Pass Rate
January – December, 2018

1/1/18 – 12/31/18 (PN) Total Delivered Total Passed % Pass Rate
National 47,044 40,424 85.93%
Michigan 1,055 913 86.54%
Glen Oaks 28 27 96.42%


1/1/18 – 12/31/18 (RN) Total Delivered Total Passed % Pass Rate
National 163,206 144,111 88.30%
Michigan 5,054 4,448 88.01%
Glen Oaks 21 19 90.47%

Potential Nursing Student

Students who are not currently nurses, and are interested in pursuing the Nursing program at Glen Oaks Community College, must meet with the Director of Nursing (DON) ideally before, and no later than during, their first semester at Glen Oaks Community College. Students who are not currently nurses should not enroll in their second semester of classes until they have met with the DON. Current LPNs must meet with the DON before enrolling in any classes.

Advising Process for Potential Nursing Students

Step One — Meet with Your Advisor
Your advisor will interpret your test scores and review your transcripts, if available, explain how the nursing program works, and help you to determine what prerequisite classes you will need to complete.

Step Two — Meet with the Director of Nursing
Prior to meeting with the DON you must:

  1. Provide Glen Oaks Community College up-to-date test scores
  2. If applicable, submit Official college transcripts and have them evaluated by the Registration Office in Student Services.

To make an appointment with the DON call: (269) 294-4333

Step Three — Register for Classes
All students are required to have completed Orientation and either have been awarded financial aid or signed-up for a payment plan before registering for classes.

Nursing Program Prerequisites

Students applying for the Nursing program may need to take the free ACCUPLACER Placement Assessment prior to registration for classes OR place into classes based on qualifying ACT or SAT scores.

(See a Student Services Advisor for information about ACCUPLACER & ACT/SAT scores)
  • 1 credit of high school Algebra AND placement into MATH 104 Intermediate Algebra on GOCC ACCUPLACER, OR qualifying ACT/SAT scores, OR MATH 100 Introductory Algebra with 2.5 or higher grade
  • ALH 218 Medical Terminology (3 credit course) (3cr)
    (will accept a 2 credit transfer course-if it is equivalent to ALH 218)
  • ENG 121 English Composition I (3cr)
  • BIO 101 Human Biology I* (3cr) (non-Nursing pre-req) (may be taken concurrently with *BIO 210 Human Anatomy & Physiology)
  • BIO 210 Anatomy & Physiology I (4cr)
REQUIRED non-nursing curriculum courses below may be taken with the Nursing courses prior to starting the Nursing Program
  • ENG 122 English Composition II (3cr)
  • BIO 211 Anatomy & Physiology II (4cr)
  • PSY 101 Psychology* (4cr) (non-Nursing pre-req)

Nursing Student

GOCC offers the Registered Nursing education program. Students can enter the program based upon a competition for available seats. Students must successfully complete the Associate Degree in Nursing program to become eligible to complete the nationwide NCLEX exam in order to obtain a state-issued nursing license.

This program prepares you to take the NCLEX exam in the state of Michigan. Graduates who want to practice in other states should review those requirements via that Board of Nursing. For Board of Nursing requirements in other states, please see the NCSBN website.

Please review the following information as it pertains to all current Nursing Division students:

Background ChecksImmunization PolicyFAQ'sProgram Packet

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are mandatory for all nursing students at the student’s own expense.

All information gained will be held in strictest confidence.

Students with criminal convictions
should consider another profession

Students with felonies or certain misdemeanor convictions will NOT be admitted as outlined below.

Students entering a nursing program must give permission to do a criminal history check to comply with Michigan Compiled Laws, Section 333.20173. No student will be admitted to the program if convicted of a felony, or attempt/conspiracy to commit a felony within 15 years preceding the date of admission; or a misdemeanor conviction involving abuse, neglect, assault, battery, criminal sexual conduct, fraud, theft (or similar misdemeanor in state or federal law) against a vulnerable adult within 10 years of conviction.

Additionally, ANY criminal convictions may prevent admission to the nursing program. Applicants should know that criminal activity of any sort may prevent:

  1. Clinical placements in the program (making success in the program impossible).
  2. The ability to be licensed as a nurse.
  3. Employment in the field of nursing. Employers do not have to hire anyone with a criminal background and some employers are refusing to hire those who have past criminal history.

Criminal activity associated with substance abuse is particularly damaging to the candidacy of an applicant.

Currently the Michigan State Board of Nursing investigates candidates eligible to sit for nursing licensure for the following issues:

  1. Felony conviction
  2. Misdemeanor conviction punishable by imprisonment for a maximum of 2 years
  3. Treatment for substance abuse in the past 2 years
  4. Malpractice settlements. Awards or judgments in the past 5 years
  5. Having federal or state health professional license or registration revoked, suspended, or otherwise disciplined; been denied a license; or currently with disciplinary action pending against the applicant
  6. Having been fired, censured, or requested to withdraw from a health care agency staff or have your staff privileges involuntarily modified
  7. Filed or written a licensing application in another US jurisdiction
  8. Filed a license application in Michigan
  9. Hold another license in another state

A determination is made by the state at that point whether or not the candidate may be licensed as a nurse. No one at GOCC can make the decision about eligibility for licensing as a nurse. We can only confer a certificate or degree, not a state license to practice nursing or any other healthcare occupation. Questions or concerns about licensing should be directed to the MSBON or to the state agency regulating other healthcare occupations.

Due to recent enactment of a new Michigan law, many health care employers are routinely not hiring anyone with criminal backgrounds, regardless of licensure status. Also, all health care agencies routinely drug screen applicants for jobs and employees randomly to maintain patient safety and to curtail the employer’s liability.

Immunization Policy

Immunization policy records are maintained by the Nursing Office to meet the requirements of contracts maintained with clinical sites participating in the education of our student nurses. This policy must be adhered to by ALL nursing students. Entry into the program will be denied to anyone not willing to follow the policy since Glen Oaks would not be able to place you in clinicals; therefore, you would not be able to complete the program.

Students entering Glen Oak’s Nursing program are required to submit evidence of immunizations on a health record or physical form completed by your physician as follows:
Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)

Students born in or after 1957 must:

  • Have proof of two (2) MMRs in your file. If you have no proof of two (2) MMRs you must receive them before entry into the program, the doses should be one month apart, so you would need to have the first one two (2) months before your classes start, and the 2nd one NO LATER THAN one (1) month prior to 1st day of class.
  • In lieu of getting the MMR’s you may get titers drawn for Measles, Mumps and Rubella but they must prove immunity to each disease, otherwise you will need to get the MMRs.

Students born before 1957 must:

  • Have one documented MMR
  • Submit *titer for Rubella showing immunity
PLEASE NOTE: Measles vaccinations may temporarily suppress tuberculin reactivity, therefore, tuberculin testing should be postponed 4-6 weeks after receiving an MMR immunization. MMR should not be given to women known to be pregnant or who are considering becoming pregnant within 3 months of immunization.

Hepatitis B

Proof of Hepatitis B immunity through submission of a health record showing the 3 Hepatitis B shot series OR Hep B Surface (AB) Anti-Body *titer is REQUIRED. If you are just starting the series of three shots, you need to know that 2 shots must be done before you can start clinicals. The third shot is administered 4 to 6 months later so this series takes about 5-7 months to complete. If you are getting the series for the first time to enter the program, you WILL need a titer drawn after completing the series.

Chicken Pox

Proof of immunity by *titer or 2 vaccinations.

Tuberculin (TB) Testing

A TB test with negative results is required yearly. If there has been a previous positive reading you will need to get a Chest X-ray for your record showing you do not have TB. Those are required every 2 years.

PLEASE NOTE: Measles vaccinations may temporarily suppress tuberculin reactivity, therefore, tuberculin testing should be postponed 4-6 weeks after receiving an MMR immunization.

Tetanus, Diptheria & Pertussis (TDAP)

One time dose of TDAP as soon as feasible to all Health Care Provider’s (HCP) who have not received TDAP previously. Get TD boosters every 10 years thereafter.

Flu Shot(s)

Yearly Influenza Vaccine(s) IN SEASON (FALL/WINTER).

*titer – a titer is a blood test that shows antibodies sufficient to produce immunity

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the Nursing Program?

You must complete a Glen Oaks College application, have taken orientation and the college ACCUPLACER entrance test, and get information for financial aid (if necessary). THEN you may interview with the Director of Nursing (DON) for help with your plan for entering the program and submit your nursing application at that time, or after, to the DON – nursing office!!!!! This is very important as you will receive the most current information on changes which have or may be taking place in the program.

Does Glen Oaks have a waiting list?

No, we have a testing-in procedure that we follow for admission into the program.

What is the testing procedure and what is the test?

We now have a FREE test for entrance. Sign up sheets are posted on the pre-nursing bulletin board outside the nursing office, and you MUST have seen the DON and turned in your nursing application to sign into a test session.

Students who pass the Kaplan Entrance Test with a minimum score of 65 are given a ranking score. The ranking core formula consists of the following: Test score = 75% + GPA of Prerequisites = 25% to equal 100%

The 40 students with the highest ranking scores will be admitted into the Nursing Program.

Will my classes transfer from other colleges?

Previous nursing courses will not transfer, however there are a lot of general education classes in the program that will transfer. All equivalency (pre-requisite) courses with a 2.5 GPA or better are transferable for the Glen Oaks nursing program. You must transfer them officially, from your institution to ours.

Is the program full or part time, night or day?

At this point in time we have only a full time program and it is a daytime program only.

Is Financial Aid available?

Yes it is, contact the Financial Aid Office at Glen Oaks.

If I am not currently a Glen Oaks Student, How do I keep updated on information I need to come into the program?

Please call the Nursing Office at 269-294-4333 to schedule and appointment with the Director of Nursing.
By keeping up with the information on the nursing webpage. This is the easiest way for you to get information. You MUST meet with the Director of Nursing before you apply to the nursing program. Visit the website regularly for updates and requirement information. You may also call, email or stop in to the office at any time.

If I don’t qualify when I test, does my application get moved automatically to the next year, and will my test score be reusable the next year or do I need to test again?

You must re-submit an application to be considered and yes, you can keep your test score or retake the test to attempt a higher score…with the most recent test score being used to determine eligibility. Test scores can only be used within a year from the original test date.

Nursing Program Packet

If you would like a PDF version of this packet please download it from the Program Packets area located on this page.

The Glen Oaks Community College Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree Program begins yearly in August.

You MUST apply to the college, complete GOCC orientation, and meet with the Director of Nursing prior to applying for the Nursing Program.

Information Sheet

If your career goal involves eventually completing a BSN degree, you are advised to check the curriculum at the college/university you plan to attend. While waiting for classes at Glen Oaks to begin, you may want to take some non-nursing freshman and sophomore classes required in the university’s curriculum that will eventually transfer to that university. Students in the nursing program must earn a grade of 2.5(C+) or higher in each required course in the nursing curriculum, and maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 (C+) or higher. Students who receive final grades of less than 2.5 (C+) in a required course will not be allowed to progress until they have made up their deficiencies. Failure of two or more nursing courses will be cause for dismissal from the Program. Nursing students must meet GOCC requirements for graduation.

Please keep informed by checking regularly. You may also stop by the Nursing Office in the D 200 wing (D255) at any time or phone the Nursing Office at (269) 294-4333 or toll free 888-994-7818, ext. 333, to make arrangements to meet with the Nursing Director.

Please Note: Nursing students are responsible for their own expenses including, but not restricted to, travel, health care and emergency treatment. Travel is required to clinical sites in Indiana as well as various cities in Michigan.

NOTE: You are cautioned to work with the financial aid office to keep from over or under loading each semester as it relates to financial aid.

IMPORTANT: Financial aid and scholarships may be available if you qualify for the nursing program. For more information please contact the Financial Aid Office at (269) 467-9945, extension 260.

Entry Checklist

  • GOCC application for Admission, high school & college transcripts (official-transcripts must come in the mail from your college to Glen Oaks).
  • All students entering, or returning after 3 years absence, to Glen Oaks must take ACCUPLACER (free college entrance test) and go through GOCC ORIENTATION in order register for classes.
  • Completed Nursing application (received by the due date). You must meet with the Director of Nursing before submitting your application.
  • Sign up for the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam.
After ACCEPTANCE into the program the following things will be required:
  • Criminal Record Background Check & Drug Screening (after admission to program).
  • Current American Heart Association CPR card (After admission to program).
  • Completed health (physical) form. (no sooner than 6 weeks and no later than 4 weeks before your 1st nursing class) Must be completed by the attending Physician, PA or Nurse Practitioner and all information on front of physical form must be completed by student, including emergency contact information.
  • Proof of Hepatitis B immunity, Rubella Immunity, Chicken Pox Immunity, Yearly TB test, TDap within 10 years, influenza vaccinations(s) completed in season. Copies of all immunizations must be given to the nursing office upon notification of acceptance into the program. You will not be allowed to start the program unless these things are complete in your nursing file.

Admission Criteria for LPN to RN Program

Current Licensed Practical Nurses – students returning to the program from a previous GOCC class, or current LPN’s from another program MUST:
  1. APPLY to Glen Oaks Community College AND schedule a NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION prior to registering for classes. If you have been a past student at Glen Oaks you must go to Student Services and update your application.
  2. Meet with the Director of Nursing (DON) and submit a nursing application, AND submit a copy of your current unencumbered Michigan PN license.
  3. Submit 2 reference letters; one letter from your DON and one letter from your nurse supervisor which speaks to your professionalism, clinical competency, critical thinking, knowledge, attitude and ability to work with others. Letters must be on Employer letterhead and signed.
  4. Have confirmation of 540 hours of employment as an LPN within the last year (April to April). Individuals who do not meet the employment requirements for admission will be evaluated by the DON and the faculty.
  5. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher in your PN program.
  6. Report any Criminal Felony or Misdemeanor charges on a public record to the DON with submission of your nursing application. Acceptance into the Nursing Program is conditional on a negative criminal background investigation and a negative drug and alcohol screen.
  7. Successfully complete NUR 204 – Nursing Role Transition with a grade of 2.5 or higher.
  8. Place into available open seats in the 2nd year of the AASN based on the following criteria:
    1. Highest NUR 204 Course Grade
    2. Previous GOCC Nursing Program Graduate (PN Certificate)
    3. In-District Resident
    4. Date Nursing Application Received

Additional Expenses

Student Expenses Other Than Tuition, Fees & Books

In addition to the current in-district or out-of-district tuition, nursing students shall be responsible for the following:

  • Personal health requirements/Physical examination and history
  • Current TB testing, immunizations and required titers
  • Current CPR from American Heart Association, for the health care provider; status validated with CPR card
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Criminal background check
  • Transportation costs
  • Clinical equipment; stethoscope, scissors, penlight, pocket notepad, and black ink pen
  • Uniforms, shoes, socks (all white)
  • Watch with second hand or digital capability to display seconds
  • Nursing Pin/Lamp
  • Sitting fee for composite picture of graduating class (optional)
  • NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) Application
  • Nursing License application fee, Live Scan Fingerprint scan now required before you can sit for the NCLEX test
  • Health insurance and expenses related to illness, injury or random drug/alcohol screen are the responsibility of the individual student and/or the student’s family

Clinical Resources (Affiliating Agencies)

The following agencies may be used throughout the Level I -Level II curriculum. This list is subject to change and is not all-inclusive.Glen Oaks is a small, rural community college; therefore we travel widely to meet the student’s clinical needs. Many of these sites may not be near your home.

  • Adapt, Inc.Coldwater, Michigan
  • Beacon Health SystemElkhart, Indiana
  • Borgess Medical CenterKalamazoo, Michigan
  • Branch-Hillsdale, St. Joseph Community Health Dept.Coldwater & Three Rivers
  • Bronson LakeviewPaw Paw, Michigan
  • Bronson Methodist HospitalKalamazoo, Michigan
  • Fairview Nursing & RehabilitationCentreville, Michigan
  • Grace HealthcareThree Rivers, Michigan
  • Heartland Healthcare CenterThree Rivers, Michigan
  • LaGrange County Health Dept.LaGrange, Indiana
  • Lakeland High SchoolLaGrange, Indiana
  • Life Care CenterLaGrange, Indiana
  • Maple LawnColdwater, Michigan
  • Miller’s Merry ManorLaGrange, Indiana
  • Northridge High SchoolMiddlebury, Indiana
  • Oaklawn HospitalMarshall, Michigan
  • Pathfinder CenterCentreville, Michigan
  • Private Physicians’ Offices in Michigan and Indiana
  • Promedica Coldwater Regional HospitalColdwater, Michigan
  • Riverside Free ClinicThree Rivers, Michigan
  • St. Joseph County Community Mental Health AgencyCentreville, Michigan
  • Sturgis Home Health & HospiceSturgis, Michigan
  • Sturgis HospitalSturgis, Michigan
  • The Laurels of ColdwaterColdwater, Michigan
  • Three Rivers HealthThree Rivers, Michigan
  • Three Rivers Home Health & HospiceThee Rivers, Michigan
  • Thurston Woods/Froh HomeSturgis, Michigan
  • Topeka Professional ClinicTopeka, Indiana
  • TRH-Pediatric ClinicThree Rivers, Michigan
  • TRH-Women’s ClinicThree Rivers, Michigan
  • Westview High SchoolTopeka, Indiana

Course Sequence

Pre-Req Semester
Course Credit Hours Contact Hours
ENG 121 – English Composition I 3 3
BIO 101 – Intro to Human Biology 3 5
BIO 210 – Anatomy & Physiology I 4 6
ALH 218 – Medical Terminology 3 3
Totals 13 17
Fall 1
Course Credit Hours Contact Hours
BIO 211 – Anatomy & Physiology II 4 6
NUR 101 – Fundamentals of Nursing 8 13
NUR 109 – Pharmacology I 1 1
Totals 13 17
Winter 1
Course Credit Hours Contact Hours
NUR 111 – Medical/Surgical Nursing I 7 14
NUR 119 – Pharmacology II 2 2
PSY 101 – Intro to Psychology 4 4
Totals 13 20
Fall 2
Course Credit Hours Contact Hours
NUR 211 – Medical/Surgical Nursing II 6 10
NUR 218 – Mental Health Nursing 4 7
NUR 219 – Pharmacology III 2 2
ENG 122 – English Composition II 3 3
Totals 15 22
Winter 2
Course Credit Hours Contact Hours
NUR 221 – Medical/Surgical Nursing III 5 8
NUR 224 – Family Nursing 6 9
NUR 230 – Professional Issues in Nursing 2 2
Totals 13 19

Tuition is calculated on contact hours.