Potential Nursing Student


Students who are not currently nurses, and are interested in pursuing the Nursing program at Glen Oaks Community College, must meet with the Director of Nursing (DON) ideally before, and no later than during, their first semester at Glen Oaks Community College. Students who are not currently nurses should not enroll in their second semester of classes unless and until they have met with the DON. Current LPNs must meet with the DON before enrolling in any classes.

The advising process for potential nursing students is as follows:

Step One — Meet with Your Advisor
Your advisor will interpret your test scores and review your transcripts, if available, explain how the nursing program works, and help you to determine what prerequisite classes you will need to complete.

Step Two — Meet with the Director of Nursing
Prior to meeting with the DON you must:

  1. Complete a Glen Oaks Application for Admission
  2. Provide Glen Oaks Community College up-to-date test scores
  3. If applicable, submit Official college transcripts and have them evaluated by the Registration Office in Student Services.

Generally speaking, the DON will not see students until they have completed all of the above requirements.

To make an appointment with the DON call: (269) 294-4333

Step Three — Register for Classes
All students are required to have completed Orientation and either have been awarded financial aid or signed-up for a payment plan before registering for classes.