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If, at any time, Glen Oaks Community College Foundation policies and procedures in effect for the administration of scholarship funds are changed, these provisions are automatically modified to conform.


It is the present intention of the donor to make a minimum annual gift of , on or before June 30th, in order to award this scholarship in the upcoming academic year; or a total gift of . To establish an endowed fund the minimum dollar amount is $10,000, to be accumulated within a five-year period. The monies will be held in a restricted endowment account until the balance reaches the minimum amount required by the Foundation Policy. Funds will be held for 2 years for income growth before distribution is made.


Whenever it appears that changing conditions make this plan no longer applicable, practical, or suited to the general purposes stated about, the College Foundation will confer with the donor or their representative to secure a modification of the plan. If the Foundation is unable to locate the donor or their representative after reasonable efforts, then the Foundation is authorized to utilize the fund for any other suitable educational purpose, so that the fund will provide the maximum service to the community through the advancement of higher education.



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