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Associate of Applied Science in Agricultural Operations – MSU Concentration

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Students seeking an Associates of Applied Science in Agricultural Operations – MSU can move directly in the workforce or continue on to further studies in Agricultural Operations. Students will take courses from Glen Oaks and Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) emphasizing fundamentals in farm and crop management. Students will study in such fields as soil and water usage, plant nutrients, crop disease and pest management, natural resource and land management, emerging technologies, and regulations. Students are required to meet with advisors from Glen Oaks and MSU on course selection.

Glen Oaks Requirements

 ENG 121 English Composition  3 credits
 ENG 122 English Composition  3 credits
 COM 110 Interpersonal Communication  3 credits
 COM 150 Public Speaking  3 credits
 Humanities (choose 3-4 credit hours)  3-4 credits
 MATH 104 or higher  3-4 credits
 Social Science (choose 3-4 credit hours)  3-4 credits
 CHEM 133 General Chemistry I  4 credits
 CIS 101 Introduction to Computers and Software  4 credits
 BIO 122 General Biology II  4 credits
Glen Oaks Courses: 30/33 Credits


MSU CANR Requirements

ABM 130 Farm Management I 3 credits
AE 131 Water Resource Protection and Mgmt 3 credits
AE 143 Application of Precision Agriculture Technologies 3 credits
AT 202 Agricultural Regulation, Compliance and Safety Course 3 credits
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 3 credits
CSS 101 Introduction to Crop Science 3 credits
CSS 105 Agricultural Industries Seminar 1 credits
CSS 135 Crop Scouting and Investigations* 2 credits
CSS 143 Applied Soil Science 3 credits
ENT 110 Applied Entomology of Economic Plants 3 credits
PLP 105 Fundamentals of Applied Plant Pathology 2 credits
A minimum of 4 additional CANR credits must be completed with approval from the Program Coordinator
MSU Courses: 33 credits
Total Minimum Credit Hours: 63-66 credits
*Course has a prerequisite


Effective:  Fall 2017


Scope & Sequence:

Fall 1 Winter 1
ENG 121 ENG 122
MATH 104 or higher Social Science
COM 110 or 150 CHEM 133
CIS 101 BIO 122