STEM student working in a small electronics lab, looking through inventory for her electronics project.

Associate of Applied Science in Technology

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Students seeking an Associate of Applied Science in Technology degree generally move directly into the workplace upon graduation. This Associate degree is flexible and provides a wide range of classroom experiences in the field of automotive technology, electrical technology and computer repair. It is recommended that each student meet with an advisor to schedule classes which pertain to their chosen degree.

Communications (choose 10 credit hours)

 BUS 111 Contemporary Business & Technical Communications*  4 credits
 COM 140: Speech*  3 credits
 COM 150 Public Speaking*  3 credits
 ENG 121 English Composition I*  3 credits


Computer Science (4 credit hours required)

 CIS 101 Introduction to Computers & Software* 4 credits


Social Science (choose 7-8 credit hours)

BUS 251 Organizational Behavior* 3 credits
HIST 201 U.S. History I: European Colonization to 1877* 4 credits
HIST 202 U.S. History II: Reconstruction to the Present* 4 credits
HIST 230 Women in History 3 credits
PSI 110 American Government & Political Science* 4 credits
PSY 101 Psychology* 4 credits
PSY 210 Human Growth & Development* 4 credits
PSY 250 Human Sexuality* 4 credits
PSY 260 Social Psychology* 4 credits
SOC 120 Principles of Sociology* 4 credits
SOC 220 Marriage and Family* 4 credits


Industrial Studies (3 credit hours required)

INDS 151 Manufacturing Processes 3 credits


Mathematics (choose 3-4 credit hours)

MATH 100 Introduction to Algebra* 4 credits
MATH 104 Intermediate Algebra* 4 credits
MATH 109 Math for Technicians I 3 credits
MATH 119 Math for Technicians II* 3 credits
MATH 151 College Algebra* 4 credits
MATH 161 Calculus I and Analytic Geometry* 4 credits
MATH 162 Calculus II and Analytic Geometry* 4 credits


 Elective (2 credit hours)  2 credits


Technology Courses (choose a minimum of 30 credit hours) 30 credits 


To be granted an Associate of Applied Science in Technology Degree, the student must complete one (1) of the following Technology Certificates:

Automotive Technician Certificate
Computer Aided Drafting & Design Certificate
Computer Support Technician Certificate
Electrical Technologies Certificate
Machine Tool Certificate
Welding Certificate

Total: 62 credits
*Course has a prerequisite


Effective: Fall 2012
Current/Updated: 3/1/17