Men's Sports

Scott Chase is entering his second year at the helm at Glen Oaks. Chase has over 25 years of experience. He most recently had coaching stints at Hillsdale High School and fellow conference foe Jackson College. Chase has coached successful teams throughout his career, winning districts eight times, league six, regionals four, and state champions twice, in 2007 and 2009.

Coach Chase began his collegiate athletic career at Glen Oaks (1985-87) and later transferred to Michigan State University for a year before entering the pros. While in the professional ranks he played for the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles organizations.

He currently resides in Hillsdale with his wife, Nicole, and has three children Derek, Lauren, and James.

Coach Chase is “looking for the complete person and player, one who takes his academics and athletics seriously. A person and teammate that strives to get better not only in the classroom but on the field every day.” Individuals who are interested in playing baseball for Glen Oaks should contact Coach Chase via the Athletics Contact Form on this page or 269-294-4281.

Head Men’s Basketball Coach David Victor has over seven years of coaching experience from multiple high schools in Florida, where he coached basketball, golf, and held a short stint assisting the water polo teams as well. While coaching for Lake Nona High School in Florida, he advanced to the state playoffs in 2013 and 2014. Coach Victor graduated in 2011 from Wayne State University with a focus on psychology. He is a member of the BCAM (Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan) and the NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches).

Coach Victor is looking for “blue-chip” student-athletes that are willing to outwork any and all of our opponents. Players that create a positive environment in practice, on the bench during games, and in the classroom. Most importantly, I want individuals of the highest character, who care about academics and who will represent the college, St. Joseph County community, their families, and their hometown communities to the greatest of their abilities.” Anyone interested in playing for the Vikings can contact Coach Victor via the Athletics Contact Form on this page or at 269-294-4310.

Coach Matt Brooks is currently a PGA Associate working at the Kalamazoo Municipal Golf Association. He runs day to day operations while giving group and individual instructions. He has worked at many golf courses in the area including Angels Crossing and Prairies Golf Course. Prior to being a golf professional Coach Brooks was a combat medical specialist. If you are interested in golfing at Glen Oaks please contact Coach Matt Brooks via the Athletics Contact Form on this page.