Academic Advising

Policy 3.03

Academic Advisors are available to help students clarify their educational goals and to identify what courses they need to take to meet certificate or degree requirements. During registration periods, academic advisors are available on a walk-in basis; no appointment is necessary. During non-registration periods, students should make an appointment for academic advisement by calling the Student Services Office.


Assigned Advisors

An advisor sitting at his desk in front of his computer while speaking to female students.

  • All students enrolling in Glen Oaks Community College for the first time for, or after, the 15/FL semester will be assigned an advisor at orientation with whom they will be required to meet thereafter.
  • The requirement to see your assigned advisor is suspended during high traffic times, including the first week of registration, the two weeks before classes start, the first week of class, and any time the student’s assigned advisor is not available to see them. During these times, students may see whomever they wish.
  • Students enrolling in Glen Oaks Community College before the 15/FL semester may see any advisor they wish.


Academic advising may be required of the following categories of students:

  1. New or transfer students who are enrolled in a degree program, certificate program or who are undecided.
  2. Students with no high school diploma and no GED.
  3. Students who are high school guests and/or dual enrolled.
  4. Students who are nurses.
  5. Students who were tested into an academic foundations basic course.
  6. Students who meet the following criteria:

• Veterans
• Students receiving Trade Readjustment Act (TRA) Benefits
• International Students
• Single Parents/Displaced Homemakers/Sex Equity Participants
• Special populations (i.e., as defined by Perkins Grant Legislation)

Curriculum guides for degrees and certificates are available on the Glen Oaks homepage and in the Student Services Office. Students are encouraged to use the Curriculum Guides to monitor their own progress and to identify courses they have yet to take.

July 1992, revised 9/14/05, 8/13/14.