Policy 3.24

Within a month of receipt of the grade, the student will appeal the grade to the course instructor and present facts that document the necessity for a grade change. These facts might include copies of quiz or test grades and grades on papers or final exams. The discussion should cover the calculation of the grade using the process described in the course syllabus. The burden of persuasion shall be on the student. The student and the instructor will review the facts and the instructor will render an opinion based upon his or her professional judgment.
If the grade appeal is not satisfactorily resolved, the student may send a letter of appeal to the Dean of Academics & Extended Learning, who will forward a copy of this letter to the instructor. The student must appeal the grade in writing within two months of receipt of the grade. Some reasons for a grade appeal might be:
The grade was calculated in a manner inconsistent with the course syllabus or the changes to the syllabus.
The grading standards for the course were arbitrary, capricious, or unequally applied.

The Appeal Committee comprised of the Dean of Academics & Extended Learning, and the instructor will review the facts. The instructor will be asked to demonstrate that the grade was determined in a manner consistent with the course syllabus. Only when there is due cause such as item 2b, the Dean of Academics & Extended Learning will have the authority to change the grade without the instructor’s support. The decision of the Appeal Committee is final.

Effective: Fall 2001

July 1992, revised October 2001, reviewed 9/14/05, revised 9/17/14.