Bulletin Board Policy

Policy 3.46

It is the general policy of Glen Oaks Community College to provide its buildings and provide information as a service to the community, employees and students. Some bulletin boards are for institutional use only. These are classroom boards, the boards located in the gymnasium, the Job Opportunity Board, the PTK Board, Financial Aid Board, Testing and Tutoring Center Board and Main Entry Hallway Board.

The College provides general information posting areas. All non-College postings are to be approved and dated by Student Services before being placed on the posting areas. The following are guidelines for approval:

  1. The information or advertisement must not contain statements detrimental to the College or its services and policy.
  2. The information or event must not be in conflict to the Values of the College in its Code of Ethics (Policy 2.15), the Glen Oaks Code of Conduct (Policy 3.42) or the general community values of Glen Oaks Community College District.
  3. Notices or advertisements may be posted for a maximum period of 1 (one) month.
  4. Notices not bearing an official “APPROVED” from the Student Services Office will be removed and discarded.
  5. Approval of posting does not mean that Glen Oaks Community College supports or endorses the product, services or event.


July 1992, revised July 2002, revised 9/14/05, reviewed 9/17/14.