Certificate of General Studies

This certificate is designed to facilitate transfer from one institution to another under the Michigan Transfer Agreement. At least 30 credit hours of 100-200 level general education from the sending institution will be accepted as a block of at least 30 credit hours by the receiving institution. Students may complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement […]

Mar 16, 2017|

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Associate of Arts Degree

The Associate of Arts degree is designed for students who desire a rigorous liberal arts education that emphasizes depth of intellectual and academic experience. This degree is designed for students whose educational interests are in the humanities, the creative and performing arts, and the social sciences. The degree can provide the basis for career […]

Jul 24, 2016|

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Associate of General Studies Degree

(Can be completed in online format)
The Associate of General Studies degree enables students to combine a broad core of basic courses with a program that can be tailored to their personal, academic, or professional goals. This degree may enhance current employment and/or fulfill the requirements for a specific college or university program. Intended as […]

Jul 23, 2016|

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Associate of General Studies: Emphasis on International Studies

The Glen Oaks Community College International Studies Degree is a program designed to provide students with a basic foundation in global awareness. It is particularly designed for anyone transferring to a four-year institution in the areas of international studies, international business, global peace, intercultural education, any of the social sciences, international affairs, and government […]

Jul 22, 2016|

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Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science degree is appropriate for those students who plan to pursue further study in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics or Physics. This degree is also appropriate for those interested in careers in Statistics, Mathematics, Bio-technology, Medical Sciences, Engineering and Secondary Education majors who plan to major in a Science (e.g. Math, […]

Jul 21, 2016|

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