The purpose of this certificate is to prepare the student for an entry-level computer support or repair position. The student will learn to perform tasks such as installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventive maintenance, and optimization of PC hardware and software. Computer network and security concepts will be taught, as well as, customer service skills. The core computer courses will map to the latest CompTIA certification objective. This certificate may be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science in Business or Associate of Applied Science in Technology.


Required Coursework (33 credit hours)

CIS 101 Introduction to Computers & Software 4 credits
CIS 102 CISCO I* 3 credits
CIS 117 Visual Basic Programming for Microcomputers* 3 credits
CIS 220 Computer Technician Essentials 3 credits
CIS 224 Computer Repair Essentials* 3 credits
CIS 240 Introduction to Networking* 3 credits
CIS 241 Install and Configure a Windows Network* 3 credits
CIS 243 Administrating a Windows Server* 3 credits
CIS 245 Network Security* 3 credits
CIS 270 PC Operating Systems* 3 credits
CIS 290 Capstone Project* 2 credits

Choose a minimum of 5 credits from the following CIS courses:

CIS 100 Using the Internet 1 credit
CIS 103 Cisco II 3 credits
CIS 214 Presentation Graphics & Publishing 3 credits
CIS 227 Concepts of Spreadsheets Level I 3 credits
CIS 233 Concepts of Word Processing Level II 3 credits
CIS 234 Database Applications 3 credits
CIS 252 Web Design I 3 credits
CIS 253 Web Design II 3 credits
CIS 254 Web Design III 3 credits
Total: 38-39 credits
*Course has a prerequisite

Effective: Fall 2011
Revised: 12/19/16