4 Credits, 4 Contacts

This course is designed to help the student achieve competency in standard writing skills through the study of grammar, sentence structure and paragraph development.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENG 071 / ENG 072, or placement test

*NOTE – ENG 063, ENG 071, ENG 072, ENG 073, and ENG 074 have the following characteristics:

  1. Grades – The following grades will be used:
  2. “CR” = Credit – Credit for course, does not affect grade point average.

    “IP” = In Progress – No credit, student may continue progress with the instructor the next available semester.

    “NC” = No Credit –Student will not receive credit because of non completion of the course requirements necessary for the “IP” grade.

  3. Graduation – Course credit toward graduation will depend on the degree or certificate.
  4. Transferability – These courses generally will not transfer to four-year colleges.