Glen Oaks Community College Closing Procedure

Policy 2.50
When inclement weather warrants the possibility of closing day, evening classes, or create a school day delay at Glen Oaks Community College, the following procedure will be implemented.

If severe weather conditions appear to be developing, the President will contact the Dean of Finance & Administrative Services and the Maintenance Manager as well as selected staff, to determine general conditions. If State Police or the Sheriff officially closes the roads, no one is expected to travel. The President or designee will make any other decision as to whether or not to begin classes later in the day or cancel school for the day or evening or create a school day delay. For School Closing (entire day) and/or a delay notification of the decision will be made by the Executive Associate to the President by 5:50 a.m. over radio stations:

  • WLKM (96FM),
  • WMSH (99.3FM),
  • WNWN (98.5),
  • WKFR (FM 103.3),
  • WKFR (103.3),
  • WRKR (107.7),
  • WTHD (105.5 LaGrange),
  • WKZO (96.5)
  • Television station WWMT (Kalamazoo Channel 3),
  • Television station WOOD TV8 (Channel 8 & 41), and
  • Television stations FOX 28 and WNDU (Channel 16)


In the event of early dismissal and/or afternoon or evening closure, similar protocol as outlined above will be followed. (evening closures = notifications by 4:00 p.m.). The only deviation from this would be IF there was an immediate change of weather and/or orders by the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department banning travel. For delay of the start of school day (usually 2 hours) the day will begin at the opening time in the day for students, faculty and staff.

Example: 2 hour delay – all students and faculty report to the class where they would normally be at 10:00 a.m. even if it is in the middle of that class time.

In the event that the college will be closed or have a delayed start time, the President or designee will initiate a phone fan-out call list to employees notifying them accordingly. An e-mail or text alert will be sent out to those who have signed up to receive that method of communication from GOCC.

Considering the size of our service area, it is often difficult to get an accurate report on the weather conditions overall. In all situations the best judgment and information available will be utilized. However, in the final analysis, each person must use their own best judgment regarding weather conditions and their ability to drive to campus safely.

Employees are expected to report for work and fulfill their hourly obligations whenever the College is open.

October 29, 1999, revised October 13, 2004, October 25, 2007, June 11, 2014 and February 26, 2015, May 13, 2015.