Application for Graduation

An application for graduation must be filed by each student for each degree or certificate he or she wishes to receive from Glen Oaks Community College.

Seven female and two male graduating students posing for a picture. Girl in front is holding her decorated graduation cap up for display.
  1. Determine if you are within 9 credits of completing (including classes you’re currently enrolled in) check your program of study at the beginning of your last semester. If you plan to complete in the spring/summer term, make application in the winter term (starting with the previous January). There are counselors and advisors in Student Services available to help.
  2. Get an Application for Graduation from the Registration/Records Office in Student Services.
  3. Complete the Application for Graduation form.
  4. Submit completed form to the Registration/Records Office.
  5. Your credits will be evaluated by the Registrar to determine if all requirements have been met to complete your degree and/or certificate. Note: see “Catalog Affecting Credits and Graduation”.
  6. You will receive a letter from the Registrar indicating that you qualify for your certificate or degree or listing the credits or courses you still need to complete.
  7. You only need to apply one time for a particular degree or certificate. If you do not meet the requirements the semester you apply, notify the Registration/Records Office again at the beginning of the semester you intend to complete to re-activate your application.
  8. Graduation exercises are held once a year at the end of the winter semester for all candidates.
  9. Certificates and degrees will be sent by mail to students satisfying all requirements.


Certificate/Degree Requirements

Policy 3.31

Current requirements for graduation with an associate degree are as follows:

Degree Requirements

  1. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. (C); specific programs require a higher GPA.
  2. A minimum of 62 credits for an associate degree in the required areas.
  3. A minimum of 15 credits must be earned at Glen Oaks Community College.

Certificate Requirements

  1. A cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.0.
  2. Satisfy the credit requirements of the certificate.
  3. A minimum of 15 credits must be earned at Glen Oaks Community College.

Any substitution of certificate/degree requirements must be approved by the Dean of Academics & Extended Learning.

Adopted by Board of Trustees 1/13/93, reviewed 9/14/05, revised 8/13/14.

(Position titles updated 07/02, 9/17/14.)


Catalog Affecting Credits and Graduation

Policy 3.32

The date of the catalog by which credits are checked for graduation may not be more than four years earlier than the date of the issuance of the degree. A student may not be checked by a catalog dated earlier than the time of entrance. Students may not use a combination of catalogs to graduate, but must follow the degree requirements in one catalog. If a student’s work is interrupted by military service, an extension of time of not more than six years will be allowed equal to the period of interruption.

Note: If a former student does not return for three or more sequential semesters, the student loses the right to use the former catalog. The current catalog will be used to determine graduation requirements.


Second Degrees or Certificates

Second degrees will be awarded based on the catalog in effect at the time of enrollment in the new program and cannot be extended beyond four years.

For a second Associate Degree, a student must complete a minimum of 15 additional credit hours beyond the first degree at Glen Oaks and achieve a 2.0 (C) grade point average for the additional credits. It is required that these additional credits be planned and approved in writing through a counselor. Written approval of the additional 15 credits must be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office in order to be considered for the awarding of the degree.

Second or additional Certificates will be evaluated based on the catalog in effect at the completion of the second certificate.

[Adopted by Board of Trustees 1/13/93, revised 8/10/94, revised 9/14/05]


Transcript Fees

Policy 3.35

Students must complete a transcript request form available from the Registrar. The first three official transcripts will be free. Each additional official transcript will be $3.00 (effective 5/8/13). Official transcripts are sent directly to the receiving institution or organization and are not normally issued to the student. An official transcript issued to the student will have an indication on the transcript that it was issued to the student. A transcript will not be issued when the student is delinquent in payment or has failed to return borrowed materials that are the property of the college. Some examples include library fines, balances due the Cashier or bookstore, parking tickets and athletic uniforms. Student copies of transcripts are available without charge.

Adopted by Board of Trustees 1/13/93, revised 9/14/05, revised 5/8/13, reviewed 9/17/14.


Guarantee: Business and Technology Training

Policy 3.38

Special Conditions of Guarantee

The Degree
The graduate must have earned an Associate of Applied Science in Business or Technology Degree within three years of the notification of lack of preparation (in a college-recognized specialty area) as evidenced by the area of concentration designation on the student transcript.

Note: Initial date of employment of graduate must be within one year of graduation date.

The Employment
The employer must certify in writing that the employee is lacking in the entry level job skills which are relevant to the student’s coursework. These job skills must have been identified in writing at the time of initial employment, and must specify the area(s) of skills deficiency within 90 days of the graduate’s initial employment.

Affective behaviors such as attitude, judgment, interpersonal relations, etc. will be considered “technical job skills” for purposes of the guarantee provided that formal instruction in appropriate affective behaviors is included within the specialty area.

Adopted by Board of Trustees 1/13/93, revised 9/14/05, reviewed 8/13/14.