This certificate combines the clinical skills of the Nurse Aide with those of the Phlebotomy Technician. In addition the student will have further career choice direction given in Introduction to the Health Careers and College Skills Portfolio. The entry-level health care worker will have the opportunity to learn of the many career opportunities in nursing, medical assisting and a variety of other health careers that require advanced skill levels. This certificate will apply toward the Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health Degree.


Required Coursework

 ALH 100 Introduction to Health Careers  3 credits
 BUS 101 College Skills and Portfolio Writing  3 credits
 ALH 104 Nurse Aide Course  6 credits
Phlebotomy Certificate  (24 credits)
 ALH 218 Medical Terminology*  3 credits
 ALH 222 Disease Conditions*  3 credits
 ALH 230 Medical Office Lab*  4 credits
 ALH 250 Medical Law & Bioethics*  3 credits
 ALH 285 Phlebotomy Practicum*  3 credits
 BIO 101 Human Biology*  4 credits
 BIO 210 Human Anatomy & Physiology I*  4 credits
 BIO 211 Human Anatomy & Physiology II*  4 credits
 BUS 111 Contemporary Business & Technical Communications*  4 credits
 Total: 36-40 credits 
 *Course has a prerequisite


  1. The student must achieve a minimum grade of 2.0 in all curriculum courses. The student must pass ALH 230 with a minimum grade of 2.5.
  2. Qualifications for the Phlebotomy practicum requires the student to have all course work completed as determined by the practicum coordinator with an overall 2.5 GPA or above. All program instructors must recommend the student for practicum.


Effective: Fall 2011
Current as: 7/16/14