A course designed to give on-the-job experience that is commensurate with the student’s career objectives. It is intended to provide the student with a practical, experiential learning situation in a supervised professional work environment. Internships vary in length but are normally for one semester after 75% of coursework is completed. Required are 135 to 240 hours of on-the-job experience plus attendance in a scheduled seminar. Some programs of study require an internship placement and others recommend it as an elective. Students usually arrange for their own internships. Contact the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Academics and Extended Learning/Faculty for more information.

Prerequisite: 75% of coursework completed in the students major and a GPA of 2.5 or better. Students wishing to start an internship need to apply.

*This course does not typically transfer to 4-year institutions.

**Internships are normally taken near the end of your degree/certificate program.

General Requirements:

  1.  A minimum of 45 hours for every credit, or no less than 9 hours a week to obtain a total of 135 hours. The internship is to extend over a 15 week period.
  2.  It is the student’s responsibility to negotiate a mutually acceptable work schedule with the agency.
  3.  A student will also determine, with the supervisor at the work station, the duties and requirements of the Internship experience.
  4.  The student may receive financial remuneration for services rendered.
  5.  At least 75% of your major coursework is completed, as determined by the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Academics and Extended Learning/Faculty, with an overall 2.5 grade point average or above.


Procedure for Enrollment:

  1.  An internship must be planned in advance of registration and has the same drop/add deadline dates as any other course beginning on the first day of the semester. Internship credit may not be granted on a retroactive basis.
  2.  A student will need to meet with the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Academics and Extended Learning/Faculty to obtain approval and necessary forms.
  3.  The student must complete an internship application, submit a resume and obtain one (1) faculty recommendation from a current or previous instructor in the student’s major area.
  4.  Determine with the employer/supervisor a mutually acceptable work schedule, written objectives/duties of the job (signed by both student and employer/supervisor) and a start and finish date (some employers may require a student to commit to more than 135 hours). You must turn in verification of hours worked and a completed student evaluation of the internship experience.
  5.  After acceptance by the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Academics and Extended Learning/Faculty and the agency involved and after returning to the Dean of Academics and Extended Learning/Faculty the completed Internship Learning Contract, a student may then officially register and begin the course.


**There may be additional requirements mandated by the department.

Possible Courses:

Following is a list (not intended to be all-inclusive) of possible internship courses. Each is 3 credit hours and 3 contact hours.

  • BUS 271 Internship I Business
  • BUS 272 Internship II Business
  • TECH 271 Internship I Tech
  • TECH 272 Internship II Tech