Students enrolled in the Machine Tool program will understand machine tool safety and demonstrate precise measurement. They will learn to operate the drill press, band saw and lathe. The program provides students with experience in lathe turning, electronic discharge machine operation, vertical and horizontal milling, grinding, CNC programming, heat treating, jigs, fixture design, die design, mold design and project planning.

This certificate may be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science in Technology degree.


Required Coursework (1090 hours)

MACH 105 Machine Tool Basics 0.17 credits
MACH 110 Machine Tool Safety 0.17 credits
MACH 115 Blueprint Reading 1.16 credits
MACH 120 Fundamental Skills 1.98 credits
MACH 125 Precision Measurement 2.75 credits
MACH 130 Drill Press and Band Saw 2.51 credits
MACH 135 Turning on Lathe 4.61 credits
MACH 140 Electronic Discharge Machining 0.79 credits
MACH 145 Vertical/Horizontal Milling 5.84 credits
MACH 150 Surface Grinding 2.75 credits
MACH 155 Cylindrical Grinding 1.50 credits
MACH 160 Tool and Cutter Grinding 3.00 credits
MACH 165 CNC Programming and Machining 6.25 credits
MACH 170 Machine Tool Projects 5.58 credits
MACH 175 Mastercam 4.50 credits
MACH 180 Plasma Cutter 1.84 credits
Total: 45.40 credits
*Course has a prerequisite


Effective: Fall 2015
Current as: 4/1/2015