This certificate prepares students for entry-level management/supervision positions. This program will introduce the student to the concepts and theories of management and provide practical skills essential for managing employees in the modern workplace. Completion of this certificate can prepare students for industry-wide certification. The Management/Supervision Certificate can also be used toward an Associate of Applied Science in Business Degree.


Required Coursework (minimum 24 credit hours)

 ACCT 100 Fundamentals of Accounting  4 credits
 ACCT 111 Principles of Accounting I*  4 credits
 BUS 252 Principles of Management  3 credits
 BUS 253 Supervision  3 credits
 BUS Electives with “ACCT” or “BUS” prefix  7 credits
 BUS 283 Management Practicum – Management Certification/review  4 credits
 Total: 25 credits 
 *Course has a prerequisite


Effective: Fall 2011
Current as: 7/16/14