3 Credits, 3 Contacts

This course is composed of two major components: bioethics and medical law and ethics. Bioethics is the study of the ethics of life (and death) and includes familiar topics such as abortion, cloning, stem cell research, allocation of scarce medical resources, and euthanasia. Topics in medical law and ethics, which are concerned with “mirco” issues such as the moral underpinnings of doctor-patient relationships as well as “macro” issues such as the structures of medical institutions or the duties that societies have to provide health care for those in need. It is intended to help prevent medical malpractice litigation by exposing the student to the legal concepts of standard of care, scope of employment, criminal and civil acts, contracts, negligence, as well as ethical and bioethical concepts that are emphasized in simulations, critical thinking activities, debates and a research paper.

Prerequisite: Placement beyond or satisfactory completion of ENG 063 and ENG 073