4 Credits, 4 Contacts

This course presents techniques for improving reading
analysis, comprehension and rate by means of reading
exercises and essays. Emphasizes vocabulary development,
understanding of main ideas and levels of meaning.

Prerequisite: Placement into ENG 063

*NOTE – ENG 063, ENG 071, ENG 072, ENG 073, and ENG 074 have the following characteristics:

  1. Grades – The following grades will be used:
  2. “CR” = Credit – Credit for course, does not affect grade point average.

    “IP” = In Progress – No credit, student may continue progress with the instructor the next available semester.

    “NC” = No Credit –Student will not receive credit because of non completion of the course requirements necessary for the “IP” grade.

  3. Graduation – Course credit toward graduation will depend on the degree or certificate.
  4. Transferability – These courses generally will not transfer to four-year colleges.