Residency, Tuition/Fees and Refunds


A resident or in-district student is a student who resides within the Glen Oaks Community College District. This district includes all of St. Joseph County (Michigan) plus areas outside the county that pay property taxes to Glen Oaks Community College. Persons owning property or a qualified dependent of a person owning property in St. Joseph County (according to IRS) are eligible for In-District tuition rates (may be asked to show copy of the property tax statement to the Registrar’s Office at the time of registration).

Service Area

Service-area residents include Cass County residents in the following School Districts: White Pigeon, Three Rivers, or Constantine and Branch County, MI, residents, and residents in Elkhart, LaGrange and Steuben Counties in Indiana.

In-State (State of Michigan)

This category includes students who live outside both the Glen Oaks District and its service area.


This category includes students who live outside of the State of Michigan and outside the College service area.

International Students

A foreign student in this country on a student visa is considered to be an International Student, unless he or she becomes a U.S. Citizen or is a Resident Alien.

General Information

A male student and two female students sitting at their desks while listening to a class lecture.


The Application for Admission will be used to determine a student’s legal residence.

A student will be charged tuition based on the above residency determination.

Any student desiring to change his/her legal residence may do so by providing any two of the following: voter registration card, Secretary of State identification card, driver’s license, place of residence property tax receipt or rent receipt (indicating mailing address) to the Registrar’s Office and completing the necessary form.

If a student changes residence and wishes to receive a refund for the difference between service area or out-of-district tuition and in-district tuition, the student MUST establish resident status within 10% of the academic period for the semester in which the refund is requested. In addition, it is the student’s responsibility to prove residency through the Registrar’s Office and get refund through the Cashier’s Office within the 10% period.

Students residing in on-campus housing (excluding International Students) will be charged the In-District tuition rate.

Any student may be asked to furnish verification of residency status.

Failure to comply could result in a service area or out-of-district status determination.

Contact Hours In-District Service Area State of Michigan Out-of-State International Contact Hours General & Student Activity
 1  $119.00  $149.00  $182.00  $216.00  $260.00  1  $29.00
 2  $238.00  $298.00  $364.00  $432.00  $520.00  2  $58.00
 3  $357.00  $447.00  $546.00  $648.00  $780.00  3  $87.00
 4  $476.00  $596.00  $728.00  $864.00  $1,040.00  4  $116.00
 5  $595.00  $745.00  $910.00  $1,080.00  $1,300.00  5  $145.00
 6  $714.00  $894.00  $1,092.00  $1,296.00  $1,560.00  6  $174.00
 7  $833.00  $1,043.00  $1,274.00  $1,512.00  $1,820.00  7  $203.00
 8  $952.00  $1,192.00  $1,456.00  $1,728.00  $2,080.00  8  $232.00
9  $1,071.00  $1,341.00  $1,638.00  $1,944.00  $2,340.00  9  $261.00
 10  $1,190.00  $1,490.00  $1,820.00  $2,160.00  $2,600.00  10  $290.00
 11  $1,309.00  $1,639.00  $2,002.00  $2,376.00  $2,860.00  11  $319.00
 12  $1,428.00  $1,788.00  $2,184.00  $2,592.00  $3,120.00  12  $348.00
 13  $1,547.00  $1,937.00  $2,366.00  $2,808.00  $3,380.00  13  $377.00
 14  $1,666.00  $2,086.00  $2,548.00  $3,024.00  $3,640.00  14  $406.00
 15  $1,785.00  $2,235.00  $2,730.00  $3,240.00  $3,900.00  15  $435.00
 16  $1,904.00  $2,384.00  $2,912.00  $3,456.00  $4,160.00  16  $464.00



Students will be assessed on a per semester contact hour basis, effective Fall Semester 2018:

Per semester contact hour*
Resident, In-district $119
Service Area $149
In-State $182
Out-of-State $216
International $260

This cost does not include laboratory and course fees. Tuition charges are subject to change without notice upon action of the Board of Trustees.

*NOTE: A contact hour is equivalent to the time the instructor spends in the classroom.


A general fee will be assessed at $25 per contact hour per semester.


A student activity fee of $4 per contact hour will be assessed.


Most courses now being offered in the Distance Learning area use a combination of both video and the Internet to deliver instruction. A fee of $25 per course is assessed for all distance learning classes.

Residency Policy for Programs Offered by and for Business and Industry

For those students who are participating in programs which are offered and designed for industry located in the district and where the industry is paying the tuition directly to the college, residency will be considered that of the participating student. Where the individual student is paying tuition, residency will be that of the student.

Reduced Tuition for Senior Citizens

A female senior citizen student utilizing the excersize facilities at Glen Oaks.

CREDIT COURSES: Glen Oaks Community College provides for a specific Senior Citizen tuition benefit. This benefit provides residents of IN DISTRICT who are sixty two (62) years of age or older at the time of registration, waived tuition, technology fees, general fees, and activity fees for a maximum of eighteen (18) credit hours per year. Beyond the eighteen (18) credit hours per year, regular tuition and fee rates apply. This benefit is subject to the following conditions:

  • The citizen is to enroll in the course during the one week ahead of the beginning of the course.
  • The minimum class size (which determines whether a given course has sufficient enrollment to be offered) must be attained without considering the senior citizen enrollment.
  • Maximum class size shall not be exceeded by the enrollment of senior citizens.
  • The course enrollment will be as an Audit with no college credit granted.
  • Senior citizens must pay for any specific course/laboratory fees and Distance Learning fees associated with the class.
  • The senior citizen tuition waiver may not be used for tuition costs for limited and competitive enrollment academic programs, including Nursing, Allied Health, CNA, and other career development programs.
  • This course enrollment does not permit open use of the college Wellness/Fitness Center.


  • The senior citizen tuition policy and benefit does not apply to continuing education, customized business training, or other courses, seminars and workshops that may be offered at the college.

Other Fees

Other fees assessed not including individual course fees are
as follows:

Student ID Card Fee: First card is free.
There is a $5.00 replacement ID charge.

Test fee for Credit by Examination: $100.00

Course and Laboratory Fees

Laboratory and course fees will be charged according to a schedule adopted and periodically revised by the Board of Trustees. For further information regarding laboratory and course fees assessed for individual classes, please contact the Dean of Academics & Extended Learning.

Registration / Payment

New students are expected to register in person during the registration dates provided in the college calendar. Students are not admitted to class until they are properly registered. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Registrar. Returning students have the option to register online. Payment in full for tuition & fees or enrollment in a payment plan must be completed within 48 hours of registration. ALL FEE CHARGES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

Payment for classes is accepted online through WebAdvisor or at The Cashier’s Office, located in Student Services. The College accepts cash, checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA credit cards or Nelnet payment plans. An additional 2.75% service fee will be assessed for payments by debit or credit card (See Student Financial Responsibility Agreement).

Students not receiving Financial Aid: You will need to pay your tuition and fees within 48 hours of registration, or enroll in the Nelnet/FACTS Payment Plan.

Financial Aid Students: Financial Aid Students must have Financial Aid awarded and must sign up for Nelnet/FACTS Pending Aid Plan within 48 hours of registration.

Nelnet/FACTS tuition payment plan banner (a picture of a tree with dollar bils in place of the leaves) -
For information on all payment plans, visit:, under the Student Services tab, go to: How do I pay my bill?

Third Party Authorizations: (MI Works, companies, etc.) Signed agreements are due in The Cashier’s Office at time of registration. Payment for tuition/fees not covered by a third party is also due within 48 hours of registration.


Glen Oaks believes that students should be allowed to attend at least one class meeting without penalty. During that class meeting, students can review the detailed requirements of course syllabus and estimate the work load required. This should enable students to make an informed judgment about the course and increase their probability of success. In light of this principle, the following refund policy has been adopted.

Any student who officially drops a course or courses during the registration period and during the first 10% of the academic period may, upon submission of a drop form, receive a full refund of 100% for the tuition and fees.

No refunds of tuition & fees will be made for withdrawals after the first 10% of the academic period.

Students attending GOCC who are receiving Title IV funding and withdraw from all classes prior to the 60th percentile of the semester will have a Federal Return of Funds calculation used to make adjustments to their federal student financial aid award. A copy of this refund calculation can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

Students who registered for a course that is cancelled by the college will be refunded all tuition and fees relative to the cancelled course.

If a student does not officially drop the class(es) by the refund deadline, the charges will remain on his/her account and the student is responsible for payment and any collection costs. Not attending or not paying does not constitute an official drop.

Refunds – Special Circumstances

A written request for refund needs to be submitted to the Registrar requesting a full refund of all tuition. This request will be reviewed by the Refund Review Committee, consisting of the Registrar, Controller and Director of Financial Aid. The decision of the committee determines the refund approval or denial. Students may appeal using the Due Process procedure. The following circumstances are those which may result in a full refund:

  1. Induction or activation of the student into the U.S. Armed Forces
  2. Death of the enrolled student or a parent, spouse or dependent.
  3. Verifiable incapacity, illness, or injury to the student which prevents the student from returning to school for the remainder of the semester.

Refunds for students on Federal financial aid are controlled by Federal Methodology or Federal Pro Rata Refund Policies. The handling of special circumstances such as those listed above is outlined within the Federal Financial Aid regulations available in the College’s Financial Aid Office.

Adopted by Board of Trustees 1/13/93, tuition rates revised 4/14/93, 3/9/94, 3/8/95, 4/7/95, 4/10/96, 8/14/96, 2/12/97, 10/8/97, 3/9/99, 3/20/00, 4/11/01, 9/12/01, 2/13/02, 12/11/02 and 4/13/05. Graduation fee revised 8/9/00. (Position titles updated 07/02.) Parking fee added 09/11/02. Tuition, parking and student support fee updated 5/12/04 as approved by the Board of Trustees. Waiver of Tuition for Senior Citizens revised and WMU Career Guidance Test Fee revised 11/10/04, Entire policy reviewed & revisions made 9/14/05; Nursing Fee Admission Fee deleted 4/12/06, Updated Tuition & added Student Activity Fee 2/29/08, Senior Citizen Tuition update approved June 8, 2011. Entire Policy reviewed/updated 9/17/14), Tuition & Fees revised 4/8/15, revised 4/20/16.

Student Obligations, Fines And Fees

Policy 3.13

Students shall be held responsible for all fees, fines, and other obligations which they have incurred with Glen Oaks Community College. A hold may be placed on the student’s record and transcript which may stop the student from registering or having official copies of transcripts sent.

If a student desires to challenge his/her fees or other obligations, he/she shall have an opportunity to do so by requesting a meeting, in writing, with the reason for the challenge specified clearly to the appropriate Dean of the area that initiated the hold on the student’s record. The student should follow the “Due Process” procedure of the College for the challenge.

Adopted by Board of Trustees June 14, 1978, revised 9/14/05, reviewed 9/17/14