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Branding and Identity Guide

The consistent use of identifying elements is important in building and maintaining any brand identity. This document provides a guide to create a brand for Glen Oaks Community College. Internal and external materials should be designed in accordance with these guidelines.

Glen Oaks Community College – Identifying Elements

Official Seal
The official College seal is the formal element representing the institution, mission, vision and goals, and should be used with documents that are formal in nature. Some examples are letterhead, degrees and certificates. The seal should typically be used in conjunction with the nameplate.

The Nameplate more clearly spells out the College name. It should be used with the seal for formal documents or with the leaf for promotional purposes and marketing materials.

The leaf represents the leaf of an oak tree. It should be used in conjunction with the nameplate on promotional and marketing materials.

The Viking is the College mascot, used primarily in representing and promoting the Glen Oaks Community College sports teams and athletic events.

“Transforming lives and advancing communities” is the College’s vision.

“Explore. Discover. Achieve.” These are the three words GOCC is currently using to describe one’s experience at GOCC. (Taglines help in the marketing and promotion of the College.) They are the starting blocks for the promotional messages. Examples of short messages from this tagline may include: Explore the Possibilities, Discover your Career, Discover You, Discover Success, Achieve Success, etc. No required font or style or color is specified for the taglines.

The primary colors are Green and Gold. The Green will be White Oakleaf Green (Pantone 7484C); and one of the gold shades 1) White Oak Yellow (Pantone 1235C); 2) Metallic Gold (Pantone 874C); or Copper Gold (Pantone 139C). The accent colors can be used as secondary colors, and should not be used to cover greater than 20 percent of the page.

Note: The metallic gold in the nameplate is an option that can be used on more formal documents, special invitations, anniversary materials, employee recognition events, and celebratory related events.

Logo apparel from The Oaks Bookstore
Some variations of the logo may better support the message in advertising and promotions.
Retrieval – The Nameplate and Seal, the Nameplate and the Leaf, and the Viking logo will be placed on the GOCC shared drive under the GOCC Logo folder in optional file formats and colors.

To see a PDF containing usable Nameplates as well as the Seal, Leaf, and Viking icons…CLICK HERE

Primary Colors
Accent Colors