Victor McBride

Bronson’s McBride receives associate degree before high school graduation

Bronson high school senior Victor McBride is knocking off a couple years of college classes before he even graduates from high school thanks to the Early Middle College program at Glen Oaks Community College.

This Friday (May 7), McBride will graduate with an Associate of Arts degree from Glen Oaks, a month before he graduates from Bronson High School.

“Victor was the ideal EMC student,” said Anita Lopez Schlabach, EMC program director. “He has been very engaged with the program staff, faithfully attended the monthly seminars and overall, he was proactive in driving his career path. He is actually graduating early from the EMC program.”

McBride’s hard work is paying off, both in terms of time and tuition as he will be transferring two-years of credits to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Mich. He will start classes there in the fall as a pre-law major.

A member of Phi Theta Kappa, the largest international academic honor society for two-year colleges, McBride is also a National Honor Society student and member of the Quiz Bowl team at Bronson.

Asked about his Glen Oaks experience, McBride particularly enjoyed his classes in Philosophy, Greek Mythology and English Comp.

In addition to academics, McBride has a part-time job and enjoys video games and hanging out with friends.

“It was a joint effort,” said Schlabach, “as the staff at Bronson worked with us and wanted the best for him as well.”

McBride will be among the 286 students from both 2020 and 2021 participating in the 52nd and 53rd annual commencement ceremony this Friday in the GOCC gymnasium. Although there will be no guests, the event will be livestreamed on the Glen Oaks webpage, Facebook page and YouTube Channel.