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Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) will help you learn the physical and mental skills required to enjoy riding to the fullest.

You must be able to balance a two-wheel bicycle before riding a motorcycle in this course.

The classroom activities introduce the mental and perceptual processes needed to be a good rider and show you how to process information and make safe decisions. The riding sessions have you practice basic control that includes clutch and

Close up of rider going through pylon course at motorcycle school.

throttle coordination, straight-line riding, stopping, turning, and shifting. Also included are quicker stops, curves, and swerves. It is important not only to be healthy, but to have enough fitness, strength, and coordination to learn well and manage the physical demands of riding a motorcycle.

BRC Class Times & Schedule

The Basic Rider Classes start on Thursday & Friday or Saturday & Sunday morning or afternoon (depending on what time you signed up for). The morning course will run from 7:00 am through 12:00 pm both days. The afternoon course will run from 12:00 pm through 5:00 pm both days. Range instruction takes place on Saturday and Sunday using the programs training motorcycles. You only need to sign-up for one class.

Morning classes: Please arrive by 6:45 am for check-in.

Afternoon classes: Please arrive by 11:30 am for check-in.

No standbys will be allowed in the class.

There are approximately 1.5 hours of the class where you will be sitting down working on activities and later taking a written test. When you are riding the training motorcycles, you will be wearing your helmet (with a shield or goggles/safety glasses), long sleeve shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, sunglasses, long pants, over-the-ankle boots or shoes, and possibly rain gear (in case of rain).

What to Bring

You will be required to complete a MSF Course Waiver. If you have the ability to print it at home and complete there, it will save you time when checking in for the class. This completed form is a requirement to participate in the training class.

  • Please bring a portable chair to sit on for the range class.
  • Please bring water and a snack for yourself.
  • Please bring a pen to use.

Please make sure you review the list you received when you registered regarding clothing for the program. All students must provide a DOT approved helmet, gloves, ankle high boots (no tennis shoes), a long sleeved shirt/jacket, and long sturdy pants. These are required for the class.


  • Rain gear is optional.
  • Lunch and supper are not provided.
  • Classes take place, rain or shine.

If you believe you cannot participate in the class because you cannot agree to the information listed above, DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE CLASS! Your fee will not be refunded.

Note: At the end of each class period we will be sanitizing the motorcycles for your safety.

A variety of 125cc, 250cc, 500 cc motorcycles are provided for the BRC as well as classroom materials.

Acceptable Completion of the course provides you with the completion certificate required by the Michigan Secretary of State in order to get your Motorcycle Endorsement.