1. Register for classes.
    2. Log on to the Glen Oaks Community College WebAdvisor at www.glenoaks.edu​
    3. Click on Student Payment Information, located on lower left side.
    4. Click on e-cashier Payment Plan
    5. Double click to select the correct semester FACTS Payment Plan
    6. The “Welcome to e-cashier for Glen Oaks C.C.” will appear. Please read through basic information and click next step.
    7. The student information will be pre-populated with your name, student id and email address. If the information is correct, click next step. If the information is incorrect, please contact registration.
    8. Select the payment plan that fits into your budget. If only one option appears, that is all that is available at that time. The longer you wait to enroll the less payment plan options you will be offered.
    9. Select Payment(s) from your bank account, click next step.
    10. On “Account information” screen enter all personal information needed. This includes name, address, phone, etc.

      • Enter an e-mail address (use an email account you check frequently. FACTS only communicates via email).
      • Create your own access code.
      • Additional authorized party.
    11. Enter your Card type, account number and expiration date, click next step.
    12. A review of your enrollment application will appear on screen. If all information is correct, scroll and read through the Terms and Conditions.
    13. Click in the box to accept the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the application review.
    14. Click Submit and Activate to activate your payment plan.
    15. Print a copy for your records.
    16. You will receive an email notification from FACTS confirming your enrollment in the payment plan within 24 hours after submitting your application.
    17. Existing Students only. If you do not see your current agreement click on “Add agreement” when you login into mypaymentplan.com.