Nelnet (FACTS) Payment Plan Set-Up Instructions


The following screenshots are examples
only – the semesters, dates, and
amounts will be different when you are
setting up your payment plan.
  1. Visit
  2. Log In to WebAdvisor
  3. Click Students
  4. Select Student Payment Information
  5. Click Payment Plans
  6. Log In to Nelnet (Single sign on through WebAdvisor)
  7. FIRST TIME USERS will need to Create Account. Users will be asked to provide their name, address, phone number, & email. Users will also need to select three predefined security questions & provide answers.

    EXISTING USERS Proceed to Step 8 & 9. Make sure all existing information is updated.


Nelnet Enrollment screenshot 1


Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 2


The telephone ID questions are used by Nelnet (FACTS) Customer Service to validate your identity when you make inquiries by telephone.

  1. Home/Welcome. From Home/Welcome screen, users will click Set up a Payment Plan.

    • If you are enrolling for multiple semesters, you must sign up for two payment plans.
    • From this point forward, the user has access to Live Help via Nelnet (FACTS) chat feature on the top right corner of the screen. This option is available Monday-Friday from 8-5 Central Time.


Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 3
Add an Authorized Party

Users may add parents, grandparents, etc. who plan to pay on their account by selecting this option.

  1. Contact Information. The user will have the opportunity to review their personal information and make changes as needed. In addition, the user can update their correspondence preference.


Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 4

  1. Amount Due. Selecting ‘View Details’ will give user a detail of all charges on account.


Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 5

  1. Payment Plan Options. Have you been awarded financial aid for Summer 2017 and/or Fall 2017?
    If YES – Below is the screen you should see if financial aid has been applied to your account. You should have only one payment plan option if you have been awarded financial aid. If you see more than one payment plan option, your financial aid has not been applied to your account or there is an error. Contact the Financial Aid Office. Do not select another payment plan, as your checking/savings account or credit/debit card may be charged.
    If NO – You will see more than one option under Choose a Payment Plan. Pick the plan you wish to use for payment.
    A $25.00 non-returnable fee will be deducted from your account immediately.

Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 6

FA Award

If your financial aid has been awarded, you will only see the Pending Aid Payment Plan.
Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 7

  1. Payment Details. The person listed as the Plan Owner must be a signer on the financial account provided. You will need to enter a checking/savings account or credit/debit card information even if your financial aid covers everything. If you have a balance after financial aid has been applied, a $25.00 non-returnable fee will be deducted in addition to the two monthly payments that will be drawn from your account or charged to your card as outlined by the Payment Plan option chosen.

    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 8

    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 9
    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 10

    1. Payment Schedule. Please go to to see details on payment plans.


    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 11

    1. Review & Authorize.

      • Change links allow the user to edit the information entered during payment plan setup
      • The customer must check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions
      • Clicking Authorize completes the set up


    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 12
    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 13

    1. Thank you.

      • Click Print to save a copy
      • Click Done to navigate to user account


    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 14
    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 13

    1. User Account. Your home page will look similar to the screen shot below.


    Nelnet Enrollment Screenshot 15

    For a printable PDF version of these instructions, please use the link below:
    Nelnet (FACTS) Enrollment Instructions (PDF)