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 Academic Advising
 Academic Calendar 2017-2018
 Academic Standing Policy
 Academic Terms Glossary
 Accounting Certificate
 Accounting Courses
 Admissions Policies Information
 Advanced Placement/Standing
 Agricultural Equipment Technology Certificate
 Agricultural Equipment Technology Courses
 Allied Health Courses
 Alcohol/Drug Policy
 Anthropology Courses
 Appealing Grades
 Armed Forces Admission
 Art Courses
 Associate of Arts (AA)
 Associate of Arts in Visual Arts: Commercial Photography
 Associate of Arts in Visual Arts: Fine Art
 Associate of Arts in Visual Arts: Graphic Design
 Associate of Business (AB)
 Associate of General Studies (AGS)
 Associate of General Studies – International Studies
 Associate of Science (AS)
 Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health (AASAH)
 Associate of Applied Science in Agricultural Equipment Technology (AASAET)
 Associate of Applied Science in Business (AASB)
 Associate of Applied Science – GOCC IAT Agricultural Operations – MSU
 Associate of Applied Science in Computer Networking
 Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
 Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (AASN)
 Associate of Applied Science in Technology (AAST)
 Athletic Awards
 Auditing Courses
 Automotive Courses
 Automotive Service Certificate
 Automotive Technician Certificate
 Awards & Honors



 Biology Courses
 Board of Trustees
 Bulletin Boards
 Business Courses
 Business Dept. Award
 Business & Community Services
 Business Development Center
 Business/Technology Guarantee



 Campus Security
 Campus Unrest
 Catalog Affecting Credit
 Certificate Requirements
 Certificate of General Studies
 Certificate Listing
 Changing Schedule
 Chemistry Courses
 Children on Campus
 CLEP (College Level Exam)
 Code of Conduct
 Coding Specialist/Physician-Based Certificate
 College Closing Procedure
 Communications Courses
 Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Certificate
 Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) Courses
 Computer Courses
 Computer Support Technician Certificate
 Course Load
 Credit by Exam
 Custom Transfer Guides
 Course Fees
 Course Prefix Reference



 Deadlines for Financial Aid
 Dean’s List
 Death of Student
 Degree Requirements
 Degree Listing
 Developing Your Portfolio for College Credit
 Directions to GOCC
 Distance Learning
 Distance Learning Fee
 Dual Enrollment
 Due Process



 Economics Courses
 Education Courses
 Electrical Technologies Certificate
 Electrical Technologies Courses
 Eligibility for Financial Aid
 EMT Courses
 Equal Access/Nondiscrimination
 English Courses



 Faculty Awards
 Financial Aid
 Fine Arts Studio Award
 Fitness Wellness Center
 Firearms Policy
 Former Student Admission
 Foundation Scholarships



 Geography Courses
 Geology Courses
 General Education Courses
 General Fee
 Glen Oaks Foundation
 Glen Oaks Personnel
 Government Courses
 GPA Requirements in Nursing
 Grades on Website
 Grade Point Average (GPA)
 Grade Point Re-Evaluation
 Grading System
 Graduation Rate Survey
 Graduation Requirements
 Grievance Procedures
 Goshen College RN to BSN
 Guarantee-Business/Tech Training
 Guest Student Admission



 Health Care Worker Certificate
 History Courses
 Honors & Awards
 Humanities Courses



 Incomplete Work
 Independent Study Requests
 Industrial Studies Courses
 In-Progress Work
 Intercollegiate Athletics
 International Studies Courses
 International Student Admission
 Internet Use Policy
 Internship Courses
 John Ward Faculty Scholarship



 Laboratory and Course Fees
 Languages Courses
 Law Enforcement Courses (Criminal Justice)
 Learning Outcomes
 Library (E.J. Shaheen)



 Machine Tool Certificate
 MACRAO Transfer Agreement
 Management/Marketing Certificate
 Management/Supervision Certificate
 Map of GOCC Buildings
 Mathematics Courses
 Medical Administrative Specialist Certificate
 Medical Assistant Certificate
 Michigan State University Ag Operations
 Michigan Works! Alliance
 Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)
 Mission Statement
 Music Courses



 New Student Admission
 Network Administration Certificate
 Non-Discrimination Statement
 Nursing and Allied Health Student Fees
 Nursing Courses
 Nursing, GPA Requirements
 Nursing Admission Requirements
 Occupational Certificates
 Occupational Student Success Program (OSSP)
 Online Distance Learning



 Phlebotomy Technician Certificate
 Phi Theta Kappa
 Philosophy Courses
 Physics Courses
 Physical Education Courses
 Placement Evaluation
 Practical Nursing Certificate
 President’s Award
 President’s List
 Prior Learning Assessment
 Probation (Academic)
 Programs of Study
 Psychology Courses



 Release of Student Records
 Religion Courses
 Repeated Courses
 Reverse Transfer
 Right To Access



 School Calendars (2016-2017)
 School-Age Guest Admission
 Second Degrees & Certificates
 Senior Citizen Admission
 Senior Citizen, Reduced Fee
 Services for Students
 Sexual Harassment
 Shaheen (E.J.) Library
 Single Parent/Displaced Homemaker Single Pregnant Woman Assistance and Support Group
 Smoke-Free Campus
 Social Security Number Privacy
 Social Work Courses
 Sociology Courses
 Spring Arbor University
 Strategic Plan Summary
 Student Activities Fee
 Student Classification
 Student Concern Procedures
 Student Emergencies
 Student Government
 Student ID Card Fee
 Student Organizations & Activities
 Student Policies
 Student Right to Know
 Student Success Courses
 Student Support Services Program
 Students With Disabilities
 Study Abroad Trip
 Suspension (Academic)



 Transcript Evaluation
 Transcript Requests
 Transfer Advising
 Transfer or Non-Transfer Degrees
 Transfer Partnerships
 Transfer Student Admission
 Transferring Armed Forces Credit
 Transgender Policy
 Trine University
 TRIO Student Support Services
 Tuition and Fees
 Tuition and Fees Refund
 Tutoring and Testing Center



 Vision, Mission, Values Statement
 Veterans Benefits
 Welding Certificate
 Welding Courses
 Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
 Wireless/Internet Access
 Withdrawal Policy


Current Information:

About procedures, policies, calendars, curriculum and costs is available from the Student Services Office during posted business hours. Current tuition and fee schedules are published each semester in the Class Schedules, and these are also available in the Cashiers Office, during posted business hours. This information is also available on this website.


The community college is a dynamic institution, constantly changing, constantly adjusting, constantly in flux. The goal: to change with the needs and demands of its constituents (the students, the academic community, the wider community). The result: In a catalog designed for a “one year shelf life,” much of the information, while accurate at the time of printing, will change. Glen Oaks Community College reserves the unrestricted right to make changes in any policies, procedures, course offerings, educational programs, class schedules, tuition/fees, or personnel, at any time, without notice. This catalog is published for general information purposes only and does not constitute or establish a contract of any kind between the college and a student or prospective student. The college reserves the privilege to change, without notice, any information in this catalog.

Usage Period and Policies:

This catalog is official, beginning with the fall semester 2016, for the 2016-2017 academic year or until superseded by a more recent edition. See Catalog in Effect for Graduation Requirements.