Graduate Rate Survey – Student Right to Know

Cohort Group Fall, 2012 – First Time/Full Time Degree/Certificate Seeking Students (As reported to IPEDS using Cohort 2011 due for 2015-16 IPEDS Reporting – adjusted).

  • 2011 Cohort Graduation Rate:
    (Completers with 150% of Normal Time)
  • 4-Year Average Student-Right-to-Know
    Completion or Graduation Rate Calculation
    (Total Completers within 150%/Adjusted Cohort)
  • 4-Year Average Student-Right-to-Know
    Transfer Out Rate Calculation
    (Total Transfer-out Students/Adjusted Cohort)



4-Year Average Rates found on IPEDS report, last page. Available through the Office of the Registrar are the following:

  • Glen Oaks’ full statistical report, with ethnicity, gender and program breakdowns.
  • Complete definitions and date delineations, which are part of the full report.
  • All information required by the Student-Right-to-Know legislation.
  • Information on the student cohorts back to Fall, 1991.



The Student Cohort contains all students who:

  1. Enrolled for the first time in the indicated semester.
  2. Took 12 or more credit hours of coursework in their first Fall semester/term (identified as full-time) or less than 12 credit hours of coursework in their first Fall semester/term (identified as part-time).
  3. Indication they are seeking a Certificate or Degree.
  4. Are enrolled in majors that have a certificate or degree awarded at the completion of an equivalent number of credit hours.
  • “Transferred students” are those we are aware of who have changed their enrollment to another institution.
  • “Still attending” includes all students who are enrolled for at least 1 credit hour in the reporting semester/term indicated and are not counted in any other category.
  • Graduation Rate (Graduated) (Initial Cohort-Transferred).
  • 150% Time Period is set by the Federal Government at three (3) semesters for one-year certificate programs, six (6) semesters for two-year certificate/degree programs.


Note: This counts two (2) semesters per year as a normal lead.

Unduplicated Count – This report represents an unduplicated count by category of students in the cohort. If a student can be counted in more than one category, they are ONLY in the lowest number category listed (i.e. graduated takes priority over transferred.

National Community College Benchmark Program (NCCBP) Reports:

  1. NCCBP Report 2017 Subscriber Information (PDF)
  2. Student Completion/Transfer Rates and Credit Student Enrollment (PDF)
  3. Student Satisfaction & Engagement and Student Goal Attainment (PDF)
  4. Retention Rates (PDF)
  5. Institution-Wide Credit Grades (PDF)
  6. Minority Participation Rates (PDF)
  7. Student Faculty Ratios (PDF)
  8. Cost/Credit Hour per FTE & Student/Grade Translation (PDF)