College Committees

Glen Oaks Community College operates under a shared governance model. Committees are the operating system of our institution. Our committees involve members from all areas within the institution and support the development and implementation of new ideas, improvements to support student success and provide an avenue for problem-solving. Our committees help organize some of the most important work on our campus.

Below is a list of standing committees and the chair person for each committee. If you would like to learn more about these groups, see copies of the meeting minutes or make suggestions and recommendations for the groups to consider, please complete the Request Committee Information form found below.

Committees & Committee Chairs

 Accessibility Committee  Dr. Patricia Morgenstern, Chair
 Ensures compliance with federal and state accessibility requirements.
 Assessment Team  Tracy Labadie, Chair
 Supports the College’s institutional assessment efforts.
 Assessment Academy Team  Tracy Labadie, Chair
 A team developed to work directly with the Higher Learning Commission to improve assessment  practices across campus.
 Calendar Committee  Beverly Andrews, Chair
 Establishes the academic calendar for the College.
 College Council  Dr. Tammy Russell, Facilitator
 A representative body of the College that develops, aligns and integrates planning processes to facilitate positive change.
 Curriculum Committee  Michael Sandelin, Chair
 Reviews individual courses taught at the college to ensure academic quality.
 Distance Learning Advisory Team  Dr. Patricia Morgenstern, Chair
 Oversees the distance learning program to ensure academic quality.
 Diversity Committee  Tracy Labadie, Chair
 Engages students, faculty and staff in facilitation and celebration of diversity on campus.
 Guided Pathways Team  Tracy Labadie, Chair
 A cross-sectional team developed to support the implementation of the Guided Pathways initiative at Glen Oaks.
 High Quality Teaching & Learning Committee  Rebecca Burch, Chair
 Develop and implement ideas to help improve teaching and learning.
Program Review & Development Committee Dr. Patricia Morgenstern, Chair
 Provides guidance and oversight to academic departments in reviewing their programs.


Request Committee Information Form

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