Dr. David Devier, President Glen Oaks Community College

Community College for Everyone!

by Dr. David H. Devier
President, Glen Oaks Community College

April 16-20, has been established as “Community College for Everyone” week by the College Promise Campaign. These efforts are all directed at the ever increasing need for more education for all to be successful in their work and community. As I have communicated in an earlier piece, the power of education is stronger today than any time in our history. This education though does not always mean a bachelor’s degree. Skilled trades’ certificates and technical associate degrees in some careers provide for a higher wage than general Bachelor’s degrees.

To reinforce this point, I site a recent large study completed by Gallup for the STRADA Education Network, Gallup, Inc., “Why Higher Ed? Top Reasons U.S. Consumers Choose Their Educational Pathways,” Jan. 2018. In this report, the results paint a clear picture of the motivations of higher education consumers as being first and foremost interested in preparing for good jobs with good pay. “Fully 72 percent of those with postsecondary education experience say getting a good job is their top motivation, as do 60 percent of these on a technical or vocational pathway.” (p.2)

Here at Glen Oaks Community College we are striving to provide these educational opportunities to all. Currently we have 636 high school students enrolled in our courses working toward any number of goals ranging from technical courses via Career and Technical Education offerings to general courses that will be applied to GOCC certificates or degrees or to transfer to other institutions. Over the five academic years 2012-2017, GOCC enrolled 1,335 high school seniors and more than 80 percent of them have gone on to post-secondary paths. These students have transferred Glen Oaks credit to 127 different colleges and universities across the U.S.

The Glen Oaks Vision Statement is, “Transforming Lives and Advancing Communities” and our goal every day in every way is to serve this mission completely. Please let us know if we may serve your educational goals or those of family or employees. We pledge to do our upmost to provide the opportunities that will lead to “good jobs” and a “good life.”