Brandi Fisher showing off her "tuition-free Glen Oaks Community College academic class" award.

Current student wins free Glen Oaks class at fair

Brandi Fisher, a current Glen Oaks student and a Constantine mother of two, is the winner of a tuition-free Glen Oaks Community College academic class. Fisher’s ballot was selected from over 700 people who entered the daily Sweatshirt Giveaway Contest the college conducted at the 2009 St. Joseph County Grange Fair.

“I can really use this free class. My current 16 credit hours of classes cost me $2300 plus books this semester,” Fisher, a Medical Assistant major, said of her present schedule. She will graduate in May, 2010. She added, “One class I would like to add is Phlebotomy (blood-related studies). I would need that class for credentials and to go on and become an RN and work in Pediatrics.” The Constantine High School graduate also works as a part-time Certified Nursing Aid (CNA) at Riverview Manor.
Seven individuals won free hooded sweatshirts at the Glen Oaks Community College 2009 fair booth in Building 42. Winners of the daily contest were: Hannah Mitchell of Centreville, Erin Noel of Three Rivers, Jill Batten of Mendon, Susan Vrobel of Mendon, Tina Bach of Leonidas, Cierra Haskins of Burr Oak, and Rebecca Anne Hochstetler of Centreville.