Registration & Records

Registration & Records

Registration Information

Regular Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
8:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Closed – Saturday & Sunday

Summer Hours

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Closed – Friday, Saturday,
& Sunday

Glen Oaks operates on a semester basis, with two 15-week semesters (fall and winter) and a summer session in which courses start and finish at various times.

Students register for classes according to instructions published each semester on our website. Students register online through the myGOCC portal or by completing the necessary registration form in Etrieve and paying tuition and fees, or setting up a payment plan.
Students are not admitted to class until they are properly registered. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Registrar. A full tuition payment is due as directed by the college’s payment procedure. Students must complete an Application for Admission, New Student Orientation, and participate in Placement Evaluation (exceptions may be granted) before their first registration will be processed. The registration period for all courses shall be determined by the Registrar.
Course Load

A student who carries 12 or more credits is classified as a full-time student. However, to complete an associate degree in two years, a student must carry what is known as a “full load.” A “full load” is usually 15-16 credit hours/semester.

Students desiring to take more than 18 semester hours during the fall or winter semesters must receive approval from an academic advisor. Those seeking permission to overload during a given semester should have an accumulated grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Student Classification

Full-Time Student:
A student who registers for 12 semester hours of credit or more in a given semester.
Part-Time Student:
A student who registers for less than 12 semester hours of credit in a given semester.

Note: This may vary for veterans.
Any student who has completed less than 28 semester hours of credit.
Any student who has completed 28 or more semester hours of credit.

Schedule Change

No courses can be added by a student after 10% of the academic period has elapsed, unless there are documented extenuating circumstances and approval by the Vice President of Academics. Students are not permitted to add a course if they have missed the equivalent of one week of instruction.

A change in course schedule is not officially completed until a Drop/Add form has been completed through Etrieve and processed by the Registrar’s Office or completed online through myGOCC. The date this form is processed through Etrieve or myGOCC is the date used to determine eligibility for a refund. It is strongly recommended that advice be sought from an advisor and/or instructor before a schedule change is made.

Michigan Transfer Network

The Michigan Transfer Network allows students, advisers, and the general public to view transfer course equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities.

If you would like to go back to school, transfer to another institution in Michigan, or simply see how courses at your current institution would transfer to another school, this site is for you!
You can also view a list of the participating institutions along with links to each school’s home page, admissions sites, and transfer information.

An application for graduation must be filed by each student for each degree or certificate he or she wishes to receive from Glen Oaks Community College.

Cap & Gown - Souvenir Gown Size Chart

4’9 – 4’11 UP TO 130 LB
5’0 – 5’2 UP TO 150 LB
5’3 – 5’5 UP TO 170 LB
5’6 – 5’8 UP TO 250 LB
5’9 – 5’11 UP TO 275 LB
6’0 -6’2 UP TO 300 LB
6’3 – 6’5 UP TO 325 LB
6’6 – 6’8 UP TO 350 LB
PLUS 1: 4’9-5’5 OVER 200 LB
PLUS 2: 5’6-5’11 OVER 275 LB
PLUS 3: 6’0-6’5 OVER 325 LB

NOTE: The plus size gown will comfortably fit a bust/waist/hip measurement of 72 inches. If you do not need this much width in the body of the gown but your weight is slightly higher than the ranges listed above, order the next taller gown (example: instead of 5’3-5’5, order 5’6-5’8).

  1. Determine if you are within 9 credits of completing (including classes you’re currently enrolled in). Check your program of study at the beginning of your last semester. If you plan to complete in the spring/summer term, make application in the winter term (starting with the previous January). There are advisors in Student Services available to help.
  2. Complete the Application for Graduation form located in the Graduation Overview section in your myGOCC account.
  3. Your credits will be evaluated by the Registrar to determine if all requirements have been met to complete your degree and/or certificate. Note: see “Catalog Affecting Credits and Graduation”.
  4. You will receive an email from the Registrar indicating that you qualify for your certificate or degree or listing the credits or courses you still need to complete.
  5. You only need to apply one time for a particular degree or certificate. If you do not meet the requirements the semester you apply, notify the Registration/Records Office again at the beginning of the semester you intend to complete to re-activate your application.
  6. Graduation exercises are held once a year at the end of the winter semester for all candidates.
  7. Diplomas will be sent by mail to students satisfying all requirements.
Second Degrees or Certificates

Second degrees will be awarded based on the catalog in effect at the time of enrollment in the new program and cannot be extended beyond four years. For a second Associate Degree, a student must complete a minimum of 15 additional credit hours beyond the first degree at Glen Oaks and achieve a 2.0 (C) grade point average for the additional credits.
It is required that these additional credits be planned and approved in writing through an advisor. Written approval of the additional 15 credits must be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office in order to be considered for the awarding of the degree. Second or additional Certificates will be evaluated based on the catalog in effect at the completion of the second certificate.

The Michigan Transfer Agreement is designed to facilitate transfer from one institution to another. One of the guiding principles of the agreement is to promote transparency among institutions and ensure accurate transfer information for students. The thirty credit hours of lower-level general education from the sending institution will be accepted as a block of 30 credit hours by the receiving institution. Students may complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement as part of an associate degree or as a stand-alone package.

MTA Requirements

To fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement, students must successfully complete at least 30 credits, with at least a 2.0 in each course. These credits, which will be certified by ~ Michigan community college, should be met according to the following distributions (see the MTA Articulation Handbook PDF icon for more details):
  • 1 course in English Composition and a second course in English Composition or 1 course in Communications
  • 1 course in Mathematics from one of three pathways: College Algebra, Statistics or Quantitative Reasoning
  • 2 courses in Social Sciences (from two disciplines)
  • 2 courses in Humanities and Fine Arts (from two disciplines excluding studio and performance classes)
  • 2 courses in Natural Sciences including one with laboratory experience(from two disciplines)

MTA Crosswalk

One course in English Composition
(select one)
ENG 121 – English Composition I
ENG 122 – English Composition II

A second course in English Composition or Communications
(select one)
COM – 110 Interpersonal Communications
COM – 122 English Composition II
COM – 150 Public Speaking
ENG – 126 Creative Writing I
ENG – 226 Creative Writing II
One course in Mathematics
(select one)
MATH – 101 Quantitative Reasoning
MATH – 117 Finite Mathematics
MATH – 151 College Algebra
MATH-161 Calculus I & Analytic Geometry
MATH-161 Calculus II & Analytic Geometry
MATH – 201 Intro to Statistics
Two courses in Social Science
(select two different disciplines)
ANTH – 201 Introduction Cultural Anthropology
ECON – 203 Principles of Economics – Micro
ECON – 204 Principles of Economics – Macro
HIST – 101 Western Civilization: Ancient World to 1715
HIST – 102 Western Civilization II: Europe 1700 to Present
HIST – 201 US History I: European Colonization to 1877
HIST – 202 US History II: Reconstruction to Present
HIST – 204 History of Michigan
PSI – 110 American Government & Political Science
PSI – 111 State & Local Government
PSY – 101 Psychology
PSY – 210 Human Growth & Development
PSY – 220 Abnormal Psychology
PSY – 250 Human Sexuality
PSY – 260 Social Psychology
SOC – 120 Principles of Sociology
SOC – 121 Modern Social Problems
SOC – 220 Marriage & Family
Two Courses in Humanities & Fine Arts
(select two different disciplines excluding studio & performance classes)
ALH – 250 Medical Law & Bioethics
ART – 100 Art Appreciation

Humanities & Fine Arts Courses (cont.)
ART – 220 History of Art
ART – 221 History of Art II
ENG – 126 Creative Writing I
ENG – 201 Women & Literature
ENG – 226 Creative Writing II
ENG – 233 Children’s Literature
ENG/HUM – 234 World Mythologies
HIST – 101 Western Civilization: Ancient World to 1715
HIST – 102 Western Civilization II: Europe 1700 to Present
HUM – 101 Modern Culture & the Arts
LNG – 161 Spanish
LNG – 162 Spanish II
LNG – 163 Spanish III
LNG – 261 Spanish IV
MUS – 150 Music Appreciation
PHIL – 210 Ethics
PHIL – 230 Philosophy
REL – 231 Comparative Religion
REL – 233 New Testament

Two courses in Natural Sciences including one with lab
(select two different disciplines)
BIO – 101 Human Biology
BIO – 110 Biological Form and Function*
BIO – 120 Biology
BIO – 121 General Biology
BIO – 122 General Biology II
BIO – 125 Environment & Society*
BIO – 210 Human Anatomy/Physiology I
BIO – 211 Human Anatomy/Physiology II
BIO – 230 Microbiology
CHEM – 130 Chemistry
CHEM – 133 General Chemistry I
CHEM – 134 General Chemistry II
CHEM – 210 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM – 211 Organic Chemistry II
GEOG – 142 Physical Geography
GEOL – 145 Physical Geology
PHYS – 144 Astronomy
PHYS – 251 Physics I
PHYS – 253 Physics II
PHYS – 254 Physics II Lab
*Course does not have a lab component

Any student who officially drops a course or courses during the registration period and during the first 10 percent of the academic period may, upon application, receive a full refund of 100% for the tuition and fees. No refunds of tuition and fees will be made for withdrawals after the first 10 percent of the academic period.

Tuition and Fee Refund:

Registration Period & 10 percent Academic Period 100%

Students who registered for a course that is cancelled by the college will be refunded all tuition and fees relative to the cancelled course.

Refunds: Special Circumstances
A written request for refund on one of the circumstances shown below needs to be submitted to the Business Office for a full refund of all tuition. This request will be reviewed by the Refund Review Committee, consisting of the Registrar, Senior Accountant and Director of Financial Aid. The decision of the committee determines the refund approval or denial.

Students may appeal using the Due Process procedure. The following circumstances are those which may result in a full refund:
  1. Induction or activation of the student into the U.S. Armed Forces.
  2. Death of the enrolled student or a parent, spouse or dependent.
  3. Verifiable incapacity, illness, or injury to the student which prevents the student from returning to school for the remainder of the semester.

How do I request a copy of my transcript?

Glen Oaks Community College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide transcript ordering via the Web. You can order transcripts using any major credit card. Your card will only be charged after your order has been completed.

  • To order an official transcript(s), please visit the National Student Clearinghouse website.
  • The site will walk you through placing your order, including delivery options and fees. You can order as many transcripts as you like in a single session. A processing fee will be charged per recipient.
  • Order updates will be emailed to you. You can also track your order online.