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Cybersecurity Certificate of Achievement

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The Cybersecurity certificate of achievement is designed for students interested in obtaining basic skills in the area of protecting computer systems and networks, preparing students for career advancement, and serving as a concentration option for the Associate of Applied Science in CIS degree. Students will learn about the vulnerabilities of hardware and software systems, as well as perform network security testing. Students will gain hands-on experience in securing hardware and software. This program serves as preparation for Cisco and CompTIA industry certifications.

Cybersecurity Certificate (30 credit hours)

CIS 151 Ethical Hacking I* 3Credits
CIS 161 Cybersecurity Operations* 3Credits
CIS 172 Linux Operating Systems* 3Credits
CIS 240 Introduction to Networking* 3Credits
Total Credits: 12 Credits
*Course has a prerequisite(s)


Current/Updated: Fall 2021