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Photo of Lanre Ajayi
Lanre Ajayi
Dean of Advanced Technologies and Public Services
Administrative Office, A33 Phone: (269) 294-4354
Photo of Dalton Anderson
Dalton Anderson
Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 294-4227
Photo of Mark Arrington
Mark Arrington
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 467-9945


Photo of Kayla Bachinski
Kayla Bachinski
Financial Aid Assistant
Student Services Phone: (269) 294-4260
Photo of Alyse Bannister
Alyse Bannister
Faculty – Welding
E-Wing, E112 Phone: (269) 294-4214
Photo of Jamie Bennett-Yesh
Jamie Bennett-Yesh
Director of Human Resources
Administrative Office, A36 Phone: (269) 294-4229
Photo of Sara Birch
Sara Birch
Dean of Health Sciences
D-Wing, D255 Phone: (269) 294-4287
Photo of Melissa Blair
Melissa Blair
Faculty – Nursing
D-Wing, D244 Phone: (269) 294-4288
Photo of Candy Bohacz
Candy Bohacz
Human Resources Coordinator
Administrative Office, A37 Phone: (269) 294-4232
Photo of Nichole Bontrager
Nichole Bontrager
Custodial Supervisor
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 467-9945
Photo of Sara Boylan
Sara Boylan
Faculty – Nursing
D-Wing, D254 Phone: (269) 294-4264


Photo of Pam Carrel
Pam Carrel
Faculty – Nursing
D-Wing, D248 Phone: (269) 294-4265
Photo of Adam Cloutier
Adam Cloutier
Vice President of Academics
Administrative Office, A31 Phone: (269) 294-4250
Photo of Eric Connelly
Eric Connelly
Web Administrator
C-Wing, C325 Phone: (269) 294-4254
Photo of Kevin Conner
Kevin Conner
Faculty – Data Processing, eSports Director
E-Wing, E443 Phone: (269) 294-4218
Photo of Lisa Cripe
Lisa Cripe
Faculty – Nursing
D-Wing, D251 Phone: (269) 294-4268
Photo of Ed Culp
Ed Culp
Head Golf Coach
B Wing, B134 Phone: (269) 294-4318


Photo of Christopher Dao
Christopher Dao
Systems Analysis and Support Engineer
C-Wing, C327 Phone: (269) 294-4311
Photo of Evan Dembskey
Evan Dembskey
Director of Information Technology
C-Wing, C326 Phone: (269) 294-4315
Photo of Jim Deroshia
Jim Deroshia
Faculty – Automotive
E-Wing, E116 Phone: (269) 294-4222
Photo of David Devier
David Devier
College President
Administrative Office, A30 Phone: (269) 294-4221
Photo of Denise DeVries
Denise DeVries
Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
Administration, A39 Phone: (269) 294-4329
Photo of Larry Diekman
Larry Diekman
Director of Buildings and Grounds & Public Safety Director
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 294-4312
Photo of Jennifer Dodson
Jennifer Dodson
Chief Financial Officer and Controller
Administrative Office, A35 Phone: (269) 294-4255


Photo of Danielle Easterday
Danielle Easterday
Admissions Representative, CAB Crew Co-Coordinator
Student Services Phone: (269) 294-4246
Photo of Mike Elliott
Mike Elliott
Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Assistant Director of Residential Life
Student Housing & B-Wing, B134 Phone: (269) 294-4224 Phone: (269) 294-4319


Photo of Judith Fetch
Judith Fetch
Library Technician
Learning Commons Phone: (269) 294-4211
Photo of Nathan Frantz
Nathan Frantz
Faculty – Chemistry
G-Wing, G Phone: (269) 294-4273
Photo of Anne Fries
Anne Fries
Executive Assistant to the Dean of Health Sciences
D-Wing, D255 Phone: (269) 294-4333
Photo of Benjamin Fries
Benjamin Fries
Director of Advising & VA Academic Advisor
Student Services, A58 Phone: (269) 294-4271
Photo of Hannah Fries
Hannah Fries
TRIO Project Advisor
Student Services, A51 Phone: (269) 294-4327


Photo of Amber Gerth
Amber Gerth
SSSD Coordinator/Counselor/Academic Advisor
Student Services, A57 Phone: (269) 294-4241
Photo of Melanie Golden
Melanie Golden
Learning Commons Clerk
Learning Commons Desk Phone: (269) 294-4275
Photo of Karen Goodman
Karen Goodman
Faculty – Nursing
D-Wing, D247 Phone: (269) 294-4269
Photo of Jordan Gowan
Jordan Gowan
Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 294-4227
Photo of Clarice Green
Clarice Green
Assistant to the Vice President of Academics/Faculty
Administrative Office, Front Desk Phone: (269) 294-4303


Photo of Jordan Haack
Jordan Haack
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 467-9945
Photo of Stacie Hart
Stacie Hart
Senior Accountant
Business Office Phone: (269) 294-4302
Photo of Ren Hartung
Ren Hartung
Faculty – Anatomy and Physiology
G-Wing, G212 Phone: (269) 294-4349
Photo of Lori Hatfield
Lori Hatfield
Faculty – English
D-Wing, D247 Phone: (269) 294-4286
Photo of Robbie Hattan
Robbie Hattan
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
B Wing, B134 Phone: (269) 294-4319
Photo of Sarah Henry
Sarah Henry
Admissions Director
Student Services, A53 Phone: (269) 294-4258
Photo of Tonya Howden
Tonya Howden
Vice President of Student Services & Title IX Coordinator
Student Services, A53 Phone: (269) 294-4230
Photo of Jeffery Hucko
Jeffery Hucko
Faculty – Biology
G-Wing, G216 Phone: (269) 294-4204


Photo of Michaela Johnson-Gay
Michaela Johnson-Gay
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 467-9945


Photo of Lester Keith
Lester Keith
Faculty – Business
F-Wing, F462 Phone: (269) 294-4206
Photo of Angela King
Angela King
MSU Agri-Business Advisor
Student Services, A63/A68 Phone: (269) 294-4249
Photo of Ciera Kline
Ciera Kline
Faculty – Graphic Design
E-Wing, E428 Phone: (269) 294-4278
Photo of Candi Krebs
Candi Krebs
Accounts Receivable Assistant, Cashier
Student Services, A61 Phone: (269) 294-4215 Phone: (269) 294-4235
Photo of Robert Kuhlman
Robert Kuhlman
Director of Institutional Innovation
Administrative Office, A34 Phone: (269) 294-4263


Photo of Reid Leaverton
Reid Leaverton
Faculty – Agricultural Technology
E-Wing, E115 Phone: (269) 294-4344
Photo of Anita Lopez-Schlabach
Anita Lopez-Schlabach
Early Middle College Program Director
Student Services, A67 Phone: (269) 294-4234
Photo of Amanda Ludwig
Amanda Ludwig
Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 467-4227


Photo of Sara Main
Sara Main
Faculty – Mathematics
G Wing, G215 Phone: (269) 294-4348
Photo of Vonda Marrow
Vonda Marrow
Executive Director of the Glen Oaks Foundation
Administrative Office, A32 Phone: (269) 294-4384
Photo of Paul Martin
Paul Martin
Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 294-4227
Photo of Michael McCoy
Michael McCoy
Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Barn Phone: (269) 294-4227
Photo of Michelle McNamara
Michelle McNamara
Faculty – Communications
E-Wing, E436 Phone: (269) 294-4351
Photo of Karen Metzger
Karen Metzger
Faculty – English
Photo of Rachel Metzger
Rachel Metzger
Annual Faculty – ALH
F-Wing, F204 Phone: (269) 294-4280
Photo of Tonya Miller
Tonya Miller
Learning Commons Clerk
Learning Commons Phone: (269) 294-4245
Photo of Joel Mishler
Joel Mishler
Athletic Director
D Wing, D233 Phone: (269) 294-4213
Photo of Christian Monsivaes
Christian Monsivaes
IT Support Specialist
C-Wing, C331-B Phone: (269) 294-4313
Photo of Meryn Mostrom
Meryn Mostrom
TRIO Project Advisor
Student Services, A50 Phone: (269) 294-4336
Photo of Barbara Murk
Barbara Murk
Institutional Research Assistant
E-Wing, E437 Phone: (269) 294-4301


Photo of Trista Nelson
Trista Nelson
Director of Learning Commons
Learning Commons Phone: (269) 294-4293
Photo of Michael Northrop
Michael Northrop
Faculty – Art
Art Studio, C310 Phone: (269) 294-4277


Photo of Claudia Pahls
Claudia Pahls
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Student Services, A63 Phone: (269) 294-4219


Photo of Tammy Russell
Tammy Russell
Executive Director of Institutional Planning, Assessment, and Research
E-Wing, E434 Phone: (269) 294-4243
Photo of Stephen Ryno
Stephen Ryno
Faculty – English
F-Wing, F461 Phone: (269) 294-4352


Photo of Jaret Sanchez
Jaret Sanchez
Systems Analysis & Support Engineer
C Wing, C328 Phone: (269) 294-4244
Photo of Michael Sandelin
Michael Sandelin
Faculty – Mathematics
G-Wing, G213 Phone: (269) 294-4350
Photo of Misty Sanderson
Misty Sanderson
Learning Commons Clerk
Learning Commons Phone: (269) 294-4292
Photo of Cheryl Schmitt
Cheryl Schmitt
Faculty – Business
F-Wing, F460 Phone: (269) 294-4262
Photo of Dan Scott
Dan Scott
Executive Assistant to the Director of Fitness and Wellness Center/Athletics and G.O. Cafe – Owner & Operator
Fitness Center G.O. Cafe, Concourse Phone: (269) 294-4226 Phone: (269) 294-4370
Photo of Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith
Assistant Director of Learning Commons
Learning Commons Phone: (269) 294-4372
Photo of Kylie Southworth
Kylie Southworth
Assistant to the VP of Student Services/Registration & Records
Student Services Front Desk Registration Phone: (269) 294-4266
Photo of Anne Springsteen
Anne Springsteen
TRIO Project Director
Student Services, A54 Phone: (269) 294-4337
Photo of Christina Steele
Christina Steele
Director of Allied Health
D Wing, D244 Phone: (269) 294-4332
Photo of Tracy Sterling
Tracy Sterling
Head Volleyball Coach
B Wing, B134 Phone: (269) 294-4334
Photo of Kristine Stevens
Kristine Stevens
Director of Business Outreach and Services
Administrative Office, A40 Phone: (269) 294-4276
Photo of Leanne Steward
Leanne Steward
Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Academic Advisor
Student Services, A60 Phone: (269) 294-4338
Photo of Ashley Stewart
Ashley Stewart
Executive Assistant to the Director of Admissions
Student Services Phone: (269) 294-4242
Photo of Robert Stuck
Robert Stuck
Network Administrator
C-Wing, C331-A Phone: (269) 294-4314


Photo of Rachel Templin
Rachel Templin
Student Success & International Student Advisor
Student Services, A56 Phone: (269) 294-4328
Photo of Barbara Thole
Barbara Thole
Accounts Payable and Payroll
Business Office Phone: (269) 294-4239


Photo of Tucker Waddups
Tucker Waddups
Head Baseball Coach, Fitness and Wellness Coach
Fitness and Wellness Center Office & B Wing, B134 Phone: (269) 294-4281
Photo of Carol Weatherford
Carol Weatherford
Faculty – English
G-Wing, G214 Phone: (269) 294-4207
Photo of Lauren Weiderman
Lauren Weiderman
Communications Assistant
Administrative Office, A41 Phone: (269) 294-4289
Photo of Matthew Weiderman
Matthew Weiderman
Head Softball Coach
B Wing, B134 Phone: (269) 294-4317
Photo of Christine Wheeler
Christine Wheeler
Early Middle College Assistant
Student Services, A69 Phone: (269) 294-4272
Photo of Ayla Wilder
Ayla Wilder
Director of Housing Operations and Residential Life, CAB Crew Co-Coordinator
Devier Student Suites Housing Office Phone: (269) 294-4252
Photo of Dawn Wood
Dawn Wood
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Academics
Administrative Office, A29 Phone: (269) 294-4220
Photo of Chad Worthington
Chad Worthington
Faculty – Psychology
D-Wing, D414 Phone: (269) 294-4279


Photo of Amy Young
Amy Young
Executive Director of Academic Records and Registrar
Student Services, A52 Phone: (269) 294-4248


Photo of Jean Zimmerman
Jean Zimmerman
Director of Financial Aid
Student Services, A59 Phone: (269) 294-4322
Photo of Diane Zinsmaster
Diane Zinsmaster
Executive Associate to the President
Administrative Office, A30 Phone: (269) 294-4233
Photo of Brea Zuydwegt
Brea Zuydwegt
Faculty – Welding
Constantine HS