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5’s, Improving Workplace Organization

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This 4-hour course the participants will learn to effectively implement the 5S methodology into their work areas and apply this disciplined and systematic method to sustainably improve their work environment. Implementing 5S into company culture will ensure a workplace that exudes safety, process, precision, quality, efficiency and professionalism.


Target Audience

The 5’s training is for employees at all levels of an organization.



None; No prerequisites for this course


Delivery Method

Classroom-style lecture with PowerPoint slides and in-class group exercises and discussions to encourage questions and participation.


Course Contents


Understand the Benefits and Organizational Impact of Implementing 5S into a Company
  • Effectively identify problem areas
  • Manage the 5S process after initial implementation
Identify 5S principles
  • S1: Sort and keep only what is needed today and gain understanding of the red tag method
  • S2: Straighten and put all inventory/stock in its proper place and gain understanding of visual techniques
  • S3: Shine to see problems when they are small and learn to incorporate inspection and maintenance schedules
  • S4: Standardize all processes to have workplace standardization to ensure error-proofing
  • S5: Sustain 5S by providing performance feedback and gaining commitment from organization
Gaining Ownership of the 5S Process through Implementation
  • Identify the importance of employee empowerment in implementing 5S into daily activities and work areas
  • Guide and motivate employees to adopt 5S practices
  • Identify the forms and tools needed to implement the 5S process
Measuring and Managing Company 5S Program Performance
  • Identify critical success factors
  • Design an effective 5S audit checklist
  • Monitor specific work area and company-wide progress
  • Recognize and reward the collective efforts of the team


None; presentation notebook will be provided.

Workers collaborating on a project


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